David Ortiz
"Show me the money National League!"
How I See It: They'd love to, but it's all in Boston and New York.

Robinson Cano
"What do you think of my dad pitching? We're not done yet, lets goooo!!!!"
How I See It: You've seen his pitches too much. It's an unfair advantage. Home run derby steroids.

Matt Kemp
"I don't feel as bad now, Frank Thomas jus told me he hit 3 his first time...lol"
How I See It: Don't make excuses.

Brandon Phillips
"WOW...At least he hit more than one...If not, then we would have had a problem...LOL...still #BEASTMODE"
How I See It: Is he making excuses too?

Hunter Pence
"I haven't been able to hear since Cano got done hitting #likeaman #HRDerby"
How I See It: Like a man? Really?

Michael Cuddyer
"After round 1 I've got Cano taking it home! #HRDerby"
How I See It: Yeah, okay. Front runner.