Dwyane Wade
"I'm available for all bar and bat mitzvah and weddings..but my specialty is balloon animals.."
How I See It: Clearly, Mr. Wade will have no problem staying employed no matter how long the lockout lasts. His skills are simply in high demand.

Nazr Mohammed
"Can't believe that I can't even talk to ex-teammates and friends that work for other #NBA teams #NBALockout"
How I See It: Something tells me these bored ballers are going to be pounding Twitter with their whining.

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Jonathan Vilma
"is the world supposed to end in 2012 still?"
How I See It: Tentatively yes, but the Four Horsemen are still locked up in stalemated labor negotiations that could lead to a lockout.

Matt LaPorta
How I See It: Matt, it is not nice to laugh at the basketballers and footballers currently locked out. After all, the MLB CBA expires on Dec. 11 of this year. #uhoh

Michael Oher
"Just took a walk sat at the public bus stop! Brought back old memories! Lol use to have fun on the buses!"
How I See It: If you really want to bring back a lot of old memories, I have a great movie suggestion for you, although your bus antics must not have been noteworthy enough to make the production cut.

Chad Ochocinco
"Dude you've no chance beating me. Be realistic RT @RickyCarmichael: @ochocinco see u tomorrow.. Can't wait to #dominate you and settle this"
How I See It: Riding a bull is one thing, but taking on a man whose nickname is "The GOAT (greatest of all time)" at his own sport is just insane.

Charlie Villanueva
"Maaaaan I just got locked out my house too. Not a good night!!! What else could go wrong?"
How I See It: Sorry, Charlie, but that is just too funny.

Keith Eloi
"RT @jfaustin22: This dude say thank god we got the WNBA. Hahaha How I See It: It doesn't matter how good or bad they actually are if this lockout lasts long enough (heaven forbid). Once us basketball fans get desperate enough, Diana Taurasi will start to look a lot like Kobe Bryant, trust me.