David Price
"Yea...no meat for me RT @runningrevolver: @DAVIDprice14 are you vegetarian?"
How I See It: I always knew Price was a fan of good cheese. In addition to meat, the Rays pitcher also tries to stay away from jams.

Dwyane Wade
"@KingJames put that dessert down"
How I See It: Dwyane, don't yell at LeBron. He might choke again.

Nick Barnett
"Look what I got!!! http://t.co/R7T3imf"
How I See It: Why didn't the NFLPA think of this bargaining chip earlier? The players don't need the NFL, they can just play football video games instead.

Donte' Stallworth
"#Listen anyone in their RIGHT MIND would not sign (this deal or) anything before reading it thoroughly. Unless your CONGRESS"
How I See It: Impressive, Donte' just backed up the actions of his fellow players while making fun of our nation's politicians -- all in 140 characters.

Arian Foster
"Im at chik-fil-a, no pressure here, just a damn good sandwich RT @Magnum7One3 sounds like owners trying to put the pressure you guys"
How I See It: Foster is clearly just enjoying the little things during the lockout and letting everything else work itself out. If only everyone else argued less and enjoyed more good sandwiches, the world would definitely be a better place.

J.J. Redick
"I can play outfield. RT @sportsguy33: My dad just told me he doesn't want a Beltran/Sox trade because he wants "J.J. Redick" to play more."
How I See It: I'm glad to see that Redick is trying to market himself during the NBA lockout. I'm also happy to see that the former Duke standout still exists.

Tony Gonzalez
"8 Days until the @crossfitgames can't wait!"
How I See It: Lockout pending, I assume.