Brian Westbrook
"I need you all to go to the facebook page for my horse farm and click "like" for me...thanks in advance!"
How I See It: Brian Westbrook is now attempting to live vicariously because Andy Reid never gave him the chance to be the horse of the Eagles backfield .

Chad Ochocinco
"My name is Chad you freaking moron!! Have some respect you dip stick RT @RUDYDAGREAT1: @ochocinco Yoooooo"
How I See It: Clearly, the drawn out lockout is beginning to take its toll on the minds of our nation's athletes. They are getting grumpy and restless, and fast.

Jeremy Maclin
"Man Philly airport is the worst....not one time have I ever been on a flight outta Philly that's been on time....."
How I See It: Firstly, see riff above. Secondly, J-Mac just insulted his own city, and, from what I hear, its residents aren't very forgiving, even to members of the hometown team. You better watch out, Mr. Maclin.

Nazr Mohammed
"#Patience for other people is a quality I do not have. #GottaWorkOnThat"
How I See It: This seems like a subtle threat to those at the NBA negotiating table. Better get that deal done soon Derek Fisher & Co., Nazr Mohammed is not going to wait long.

Rod Benson
"'If LeBron wanted a ring that bad, he should have stayed in Ohio and bought one from Terrell Pryor.'"
How I See It: As much as I hate kicking states while they are down, I couldn't let this quip go unpropagated.

Donte' Stallworth
""It is easier to stay out than get out." ~Mark Twain"
How I See It: I'm guessing that this is an example of the wisdom Stallworth picked up while serving time in jail.

Roger Mason Jr.
"Yo, this lockout is for the birds! Im back in NY for a few days and I want to workout. Problem is I left my Protege shoes in my locker!"
How I See It: We now see the true effects of the NBA Lockout. Hey Nazr, looks like you might have some help when your patience runs out.

Brandon Phillips
"Just got to the clubhouse and I had a bill on my seat from @Bernie_Brewer talkin bout I still owe him from damaging his slide last year! Smh"
How I See It: #Classic. I'm glad to see there is still some room for humor in the tightly contested NL Central.