Bart Scott
"The t-shirts are in"
How I See It: Done waiting!

John Calipari
"One thing I learned from reading about Theodore Roosevelt was that you shouldn't look for life of ease. You wanna be in the fight!"
How I See It: Is that why you live on the edge when you recruit?

Shelden Williams
"Welp bout to put the princess/terror to bed after we read bedtime stories!"
How I See It: By princess/terror, do you mean your wife, Candace Parker, the better athlete?

Alex Morgan
"Love me some nyc"
How I See It: I'd estimate around 1,000 guys in NYC are saying "Love me some Alex Morgan." More marriage proposals on the way.

A.J. Hawk
"I heard the media got it wrong. NBA lockout lifted. NFL still on."
How I See It: False.

Gerald McCoy
"Rubiks cube. Can anybody do it!?!"
How I See It: Yes. There are many people in the world who can finish a Rubik's Cube.