Kenny Wallace
"Oh boy this is Fun Fun!..trying to pickup my family at Ohare in Chicago Airport, Security chasing me from parking spot:)"
How I See It: Do I smell sarcasm here? Anyway, Kenny, you've got to expect consequences when you pull in above the speed limit; it's just like pit road.

Joel Hanrahan
"Tough finish today, whacky game, but still a #winning Roadtrip, can't wait to get back to the burgh for the battle of PA #battlingbuccos"
How I See It: This may be the first time in recorded history that someone has said that he can't wait to get back to Pittsburgh. Maybe his opinion will change after they get creamed in "the battle of PA."

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Chad Ochocinco
"Nah i was really on a bicycle RT @ChrisFourLane: did i tel yall i seen @ochocinco in southbeach on a #bike ...... or was i drunk/wasted"
How I See It: Training for your next stunt, I assume? Better work hard, the Tour de France begins in a month.

Greg Anthony
How I See It: That's the kind of in-depth analysis Greg Anthony gets paid for. Still, that truly summed up several of James' plays Thursday.

Graeme McDowell
"Lose not loose. Its a grammar thing RT @Frank_Bear @54_and_Counting you only loose an accent if you want too. It's an ego thing."
How I See It: I'm glad to see that McDowell has picked up the critical, knit-picky attitude that Twitter is all about. And then he forgets an apostrophe. Classic.

Patrick Patterson
"When I cry.. You cry.. We cry.. Together. #teammotto”
How I See It: It makes perfect sense that the Houston Rockets' team motto would address how they react after a loss rather than how to win.

Jay Feely
"You did, but you're still losing RT @mmreuth just nailed @jayfeely with an 83 pointer in wordswithfriends...”
How I See It: This week's installment of how NFL players are passing time during the lockout brought to you by Jay Feely.