Usain Bolt
"TI think some athlete need to get them self a girl so they can get there mind off me still cause my mind is on track, life and ofcourse girls"
How I See It: I think Usain is trying to say that all girls love him, but I'm not really sure. Either way, I'd love to have his life.

John Wall
"Headed to the Nationals game!!!"
How I See It: That went well.

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Dwyane Wade
"Yo.. if yall could have seen the look on @carmeloanthony face.. when I ran up on him out of now where on the streets of Milan..Priceless"
How I See It: Yes, if you would have taken us all to the Armani Show in Milan, that would have been priceless.

Carmelo Anthony
"Armani show was #EPIC"
How I See It: We got it. The show was awesome. Thanks, Dwyane and Carmelo, for reminding us we're not rich professional athletes.

John Isner
"anyone seen the wimby draw? Who do I play?"
How I See It: Very funny. Let's just put it this way: It's going to be a long day. Or two. Or three.

Brandon Phillips
"Good Afternoon #BPFansShawty Look in the sky, It's a bird, it's plane, NOOOOO, it's the SUN!!!! YESSSS FINALLY... Yep I'm lame for that! LOL"
How I See It: Just be glad Bartolo Colon's on the DL. If he was pitching for the Yanks today, you wouldn't get any sun while up at bat.

Amir Johnson
"trust issues"
How I See It: So that was the Raptors' problem this season ...

Brad Gilbert
"had a feeling it would be 3, max 4 sets. Isman starting to take complete control. he'd love to win in straights and get the heck outta here"
How I See It: Oh, really? I thought he wanted another three-day match. My bad.