Tracy McGrady
"#honestyhour I aint done#unfinishedbusiness"
How I See It: Yes, you are done. And you have no business to finish.

Alana Beard
"God is good...All the time! Got the WORD"
How I See It: Tell that to a Cubs fan. See if they think the same way.

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Chad Ochocinco
"Chad johnson RT @Fillin TheBlank: ____ is an a******!"
How I See It: Looks like somebody forgot they changed their name to two numbers in Spanish.

Steve Breaston
How I See It: This tweet sure isn't.

Amir Khan
"On route with primetime to eat, goin to Famous Grill in Bell CA
How I See It: I've heard of that place.

Beanie Wells
"Feels good to be back! 1 week in ohio was long enough.
How I See It: Try 25 years. Sincerely, LeBron James.