Stephon Marbury
"In these days the average adult attention span is 140 characters......…"
How I See It: That's just sad.

Josh Cribbs
"Why am I watching "how to train your dragon" by myself with no kids around lol.."
How I See It: That;s a question for your psychologist, not the Twittersphere.

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James van Riemsdyk
"@ochocinco I have top spin 4, u want to game?"
How I See It: Given the recent events, I think FIFA 11 is more Chad’s speed.

Shaun Phillips
"I'm taking my talents to south beach."
How I See It: Hey, at least his announcement is via Twitter and not national television.

Terrence Williams
"Each sec is a min- Each min is a hour- each hour feels like a month When you really missing someone #wordaapp"
How I See It: What is this, “Inception?”

Brandon McDonald
"I'm hungrier than 12 sumo wrestlers"
How I See It: So does that mean you could eat 12 sumo wrestlers?