Scottie Pippen
"Congrats to @SHAQ on a Hall of Fame career. He is truly one of the game's most dominant big men to ever play."
How I See It: You're allowed to say he's a better big man than Bill Cartwright or Will Perdue. That's acceptable.

CC Sabathia
"Check out Photos with CC and Joba from Yesterday's NVLL Spring Classic!"
How I See It: CC and Joba are living the high life this year as the second and third heaviest pitchers on the Yankees. @BartoloColon.

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Mark Sanchez
"Burger joint"
How I See It: Good observation, Mark.

Mo Williams
"Welcome home Plaxico Burress. We the 49ers will welcome u with open arms. Good luck"
How I See It: So, in other words, the non-imprisoned world is Plaxico Burress' home? And who are you to talk on behalf of the 49ers?

John Calipari
"Enjoyed a great week at SEC Meetings at the @HiltonSandestin. We had some great discussions."
How I See It: About what? How quiet that meetings were without Bruce Pearl?

Allan Houston
"Trust the Lord w all our heart..acknowledge Him in all our ways..then He'll make our paths straight."
How I See It: Bible Commentary: Thank God Donnie Walsh is out. Now I have a clear path to the GM job.