Reggie Evans
"Do the fathers get a discount on their child support for fathers day?"
How I See It: Nice try, Reggie, but you still have to pay full price.

Eric Wright
"Sumbody got a surprise "Happy Fathers Day" text today and was NOT happy... #MauryIsh"
How I See It: "Sumbody" probably = Eric Wright.

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Matt Barnes
"Hope all the REAL fathers out there, had a blessed fathers day.."
How I See It: As opposed to all of the fake fathers?

Ed Davis
"I'm single"
How I See It: Come and get it!

Kevin Durant
"this is true"
How I See It: The Durantula just lost his man card for giving away trade secrets.

Nick Swisher
"What a series! Huge win for us tonight. Now its off to Cincy!"
How I See It: Yankees > Cubs ... Duh.

Darryl Talley
"The Carfax Car Fox needs 2 b pistol whipped."
How I See It: I just bought a lemon.