Lolo Jones
"Gutted. I'd rather have someone stabbed (sic) me in the leg 5 times than experience the pain I'm feeling in my heart by not making Team USA"
How I See It: Now that's patriotism!

Marcos Ambrose
"Past Logano, up to 14th on lap 55,on a charge #pr"
How I See It: Mr. Ambrose was quickly stopped and given a ticket for texting while driving.

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Pierre Garcon
"I'm about to go hangout with my man @JasonSpells on WRTV at 5pm tonight. I'm going to try and take his job during this lockout."
How I See It: Will broadcast for food.

Donte' Stallworth
"Wonder how #China #Russia feel w/the increasing military presence by the American empire all around their neighborhood? #ShoeOnTheOtherFoot"
How I See It: #RevisionistHistory

Michael Oher
"I just found out Ole Miss is Ole Miss Rebels.....not the Ole Miss Black Bears!! The mascot is the Black Bear! Lol learn some everyday"
How I See It: The South will rise again!

Zab Judah
"Wow someone hacked my twitter; If you get [weird] dm's from me that's not me"
How I See It: That defense sure worked for Anthony Weiner ...

Fabian Washington
"I'm cooler than a fan and colder than a freezer"
How I See It: "Lockout Schmockout, this writing stuff is easy." Uh huh.