Dara Torres
"Got bitten by sea lice (again) 2day (ud think I'd learn by now!). Used vinegar this time...T asked why I smelled like salad dressing, ha!"
How I See It: Is that just the cute name you gave leeches?

Lolo Jones
"I just did one ab crunch. Gotta stay tight"
How I See It: I guarantee you that single crunch did absolutely nothing to improve your overall fitness and physique.

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Renee Montgomery
"Wade is making sure we know he's Batman during the finals.... Forget being a sidekick"
How I See It: I wonder how LeBron feels about his Robin suit ...

JaVale McGee
"Is there an America town in china? #pierresquestionoftheday"
How I See It: Yeah, it's where they sell hamburgers and MLB apparel.

Ashley Battle
"i feel like dwade has like 30pts"
How I See It: Don’t guess. Check a box score will ya!?

Luol Deng
"A few kids just stopped by my house and invited me to surprise their brother at his high school graduation party. On my way now."
How I See It: You sound like Vinny Chase from that episode of "Entourage."