Dwight Howard
How I See It: Dwight's face at the end says it all: "I really, really, really wish I was playing in the NBA Finals right now and not standing here."

Von Miller
"Who's gonna save the worlddddd tonightttt!"
How I See It: Apparently not Superman. He's too busy watching people dance.

Mo Williams
"Well since yall twist my arm I guess I will give my opinion........if u go roster to roster, yes Mia is better. More talented and cont. better overall players. We were a really good TEAM. Sort of like the bulls, actually we were the bulls. Switch #1 to #23 then there was us the Cavs. He was asked to do the same things that d rose was asked and everyone else played there role. We weren't the fav to ever win it, but we knew we had a really good chance if everything fall in place and unfortunately it didn't. But to not appreciate what my Teammates, Ben Wallace, Big Z, Andy, AP, Bobbie, JJ, shaq, and the rest of the squad those 2yrs that's something I never will do no matter What team I'm on."
How I See It: There's a much easier to way to say "I hate LeBron James for ruining my only shot at winning an NBA title."

Darrelle Revis
"Did anyone see oprah's last show?"
How I See It: Yeah, man, it was pretty good. I told you to get a satellite dish so you can watch TV on the Island.

Rory McIlroy
"Just finished a clinic with Mr Nicklaus. First thing he said to me was "I'm gonna kick your rear end!" haha haven't seen him since Augusta!"
How I See It: That doesn't surprise me. The Golden Bear has a reputation to protect, and after your Masters Meltdown, I can't imagine he was rushing to be seen near you.

JaVale McGee
"Pierre heard some rumors that the reckless gil arenas might have a twitter again... @agentzeroshow"
How I See It: Someone's not afraid to call out his ex-teammates. And by "reckless," I think he means the adjective for bringing guns into the team locker room.

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