Mo Williams
"Dirk is the best 7 footer ever that don't have to dunk 1 time to dominate."
How I See It: What Mo fails to mention is that Dirk is the only man in that category.

Jason Heyward
"just sit back and watch how long the diamonds can keep their shine. though... @FeatherOnMyBack"
How I See It: I guess that is one way to spend your days as you recover from the pain that has kept you off the baseball diamond.

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Michael Huff
"Ich weiß nicht, Deutsch, aber ich wollte nur sagen, irgendwas auf Deutsch gehen dirk"
How I See It: Before you begin to think that Michael Huff has some sort of love for German, here is the translation, "I do not know German, but I just wanted to say something in German to Dirk."

Andre Ward
"Lebron ain't ready Heat fans. #Kobe"
How I See It: Should somebody tell him that Kobe and his Lakers are no longer in the playoffs, or should we let him continue living in his fantasy world?

Patrick McEnroe
"I think my favorite Dirk tennis comparison so far is Michael Stich. And not because he's German. Cuz of his style and feel!!!"
How I See It: Are you sure it's not just because he's German? Dirk might not be Larry Bird, but I think he deserves better than being compared to a tennis player who only won one Grand Slam tournament.