Chad Ochocinco
"Why read the book when you can write your 85 says Why fit in when you can stand out,it's really congested living inside the box."
How I See It: Is it ironic that you quoted page ocho cinco of your book?

Tony Hawk
"Customs agent at LAX: "Your name looks familiar. Are you that oldest skateboarder guy?""
How I See It: I'm sure you get that a lot.

Gary Guyton
"I am hungry and my dad is trying to make me watch this movie. I am about to get really mad and loose it."
How I See It: You know it is possible to watch a movie and eat food at the same time. It's actually pretty common.

Maurice Jones-Drew
"Who's in atlanta and what is there to do"
How I See It: Call Roddy. I'm sure he could help you out.

Brandon McDonald
How I See It: You are not Charlie Sheen.

Mark Schlereth
"@ochocinco that's 1.5 seconds longer than 99.9999% of the world would have lasted brother! Whether it was courage or crazy u get my respect!"
How I See It: It looks like Ochocinco will not be exiting the NFL and become a professional bull rider any time soon.