Leonard Weaver
"The doctor just took a mold of my foot!!!!”
How I See It: Foot modeling, the No. 1 job for locked out NFLers.

Jay Feely
"Bulls seriously have a hula hoop dancer at midcourt for the halftime show??? That's all they could get?”
How I See It: Hey, man, don't be so gruff, times are tough. Anyway, all the good acts are still recovering from Oprah's finale.

Visanthe Schiancoe
"Damn.. who can hoola hoop like that."
How I See It: Here is proof that the adage, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” applies to halftime entertainment as well.

Caleb Campbell
"Oh Tiki Barber...."
How I See It: How dare you invoke his name in vain.

Chad Ochocinco
"Due 2 thelockout i'm marching with the band RT @WatchMy_Duuust: @ochocinco u goin to the Atlanta Classic.SU vs FAMU n Atl September 24?"
How I See It: Chad, unless you know something that we don't, I wouldn't just assume the lockout will still be on four months from now.

Jalen Rose
"I'm getting old....this will be my 10th straight season covering the NBA Finals! #I love this game!"
How I See It: You sure are, especially considering the fact that “I love this game” hasn't been the NBA's slogan for years.

Michael Oher
"How in the Hell do you get Bullied in college??"
How I See It: It's a lot easier to get bullied when you don't weigh over 300 pounds and don't play on the football team.