Kristi Yamaguchi
"Big thx to everyone who came out to Costco yesterday! If u snapped a pic, be sure to upload & tag on Facebook. :)"
How I See It: Oh, the downfall of Olympic figure skaters. It has come to this: Promoting a book next to 48-packs of soda. Too bad the golden years are long gone.

Kevin Durant
"Go grab that "selfmade" featuring my brother @Wale and the homies @MeekMill pill and @rickyrozay"
How I See It: Try to keep that away from Russell Westbrook. Anything with "self" in it can't help him.

JaVale McGee
"Goin to chipotle then weights -P"
How I See It: So in other words, you're going to down 1,000 calories and then try to burn it all off? My recommendation would be to at least settle for a burrito bowl.

Chad Ochocinco
"This has got to be the laziest #LapGiraffe ever!!!"
How I See It: You could have said this giraffe was the smallest or cutest or some other positive "wordest," but instead you had to make it negative. Nice going.

Greg Jennings
"Anyone in heaven"
How I See It: Is this a shot at @brettfavre?

Michael Oher
"#20cutestfollowers Should I?"
How I See It: Apparently not Ochocinco's giraffe.

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