Prince Amukamara
"Season Finale! #gleek"
How I See It: This sure isn't what Giants fans signed up for. They'll be thinking about this every time Prince goes for a big hit next season.

John Isner
"TThanks everyone for the kind words. Was fun out there today. Rafa is pretty good at tennis"
How I See It: Rafa's all right, but I thought you were the king of five-set matches ... kidding, kidding. Valiant effort.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
"I love to listen to NPR. I will be live on NPRs AirTalk with Larry Mantle Wednesday May 25th at 10:40 AM- 11:00 AM PST. Hope you will listen"
How I See It: I'll listen. But will the Lakers? @Jerry Buss

Tiger Woods
"Press conference time. Off to visit with my best friends."
How I See It: Either Tiger has an amazing new sense of humor or his Twitter got hacked. Either way, this is awesome.

C.J. Spiller
"My lil angel graduating from pre-k she ask me was I proud of her n said yes I'm very proud"
How I See It: You act as if there was a chance you wouldn't be proud of her.

Sean Weatherspoon
"Just chopped it up with my homie @EliteStarMag much luv bro"
How I See It: If this means what I think it does, you do realize there's drug testing in the NFL? I am honestly speechless right now. On Twitter? Really?