Brian Wilson
"Memorial Day. America. Victory. Always winning. Air Force scholarship announced today. Learn more about it at"
How I See It: Only Brian Wilson can connect Memorial Day, his fight to cure cancer, and Charlie Sheen in one tweet.

Carmelo Anthony
"Like father like son. He get it from his daddy."
How I See It: At first glance, I thought he was going to have a cigar in his hand too.

LeBron James
"Who wants to take their talents to South Beach for a game?"
How I See It: Darn it, LeBron. Stop talking in the third person.

Shawn Marion
"Mavs taking there skills to south beach here we come"
How I See It: Now, I respect that.

Tim Tebow
"God bless the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. Have a great Memorial Day everyone! #FreedomIsNotFree"
How I See It: Leave it to Tim Tebow to throw out the most conservative statement possible on Memorial Day.

Mike Conley
"Tough day for buckeyes fans ....."
How I See It: I'd certainly say so.

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