Apolo Ohno
"Enough wasting time. I'm back on the grind!"
How I See It: Only three more years before we see you again for two weeks!

Alexander Ovechkin
"My boy Gus shaved his head for Playoffs!!! Best! http://yfrog.com/gyd8zcoj"
How I See It: Did he knock that tooth out for the playoffs too?

Amar'e Stoudemire
"Up early. I couldn't sleep. Drinking a hot green tea. Thanks to all the Fans, Reporters an Teammates for the support this year. Cheers"
How I See It: Notice how Amar'e doesn't thank the team chiropractor. Dang back spasms.

Mike Vick
"http://youtu.be/UFQFT7-TcqU #madden12 rt"
How I See It: Last time you were on the cover of Madden, you ended up getting caught for running a dogfighting ring. Willing to risk the curse again?

Brandon Jennings
"This Year, Memorial Weekend #VEGAS......"
How I See It: No, Brandon. The Hangover 2 takes place in Thailand, not Vegas.

Jermaine O'Neal
""@1StephenJackson: @jermaineoneal whats good homey" stack jack what's up with you my brother!"
How I See It: I remember when you guys were teammates

Tim Tebow
"It's time to celebrate the greatest victory of all... He is risen! Have a wonderful Easter everyone! 1 Peter 1:3"
How I See It: At first I thought you were supporting your favorite NBA or NHL team. I was wrong.

Stuart Holden
"Was only a matter of time before Giggsy got one! Top top player!"
How I See It: If Ryan Giggs sees you called him Giggsy, he'll punch you in the face.

Greivis Vazquez
"I love the intensity of the playoff!!"
How I See It: And leading the top seed three games to one.

Rickie Fowler
"Hey guys follow @PGATourWives...they do a lot of great things for kids in need!!"
How I See It: Does Elin Nordegren not have access to the PGA Tour Wives twitter account anymore?