Mike Fratello
"I've got my hot water w/ lemon. Ian and I are ready to roll! MIA@NJN up next on YES"
How I See It: And the reason you didn’t do tea with lemon was because …

LaMarr Woodley
"Any1 else HATE talking on the phone?"
How I See It: Yup, that’s probably why the cell phone industry has been such a dud.

Sanya Richards
"Sitting and chatting with my favorite ladies in the world!!!!! LOVING IT. Family is the best ?"
How I See It: Who are you kidding? You’re not chatting … you’re too busy tweeting!

James Harden
"Love. Live. Life. Proceed. Progress"
How I See It: That’s a lot of things to do … when do we get a chance to sleep?

Nate Robinson
"Touch down denver what up? What's there to do out here ? Any good places to eat?"
How I See It: Give Melo a call. Oh wait … never mind.

Reggie Hodges
"Y do kids always want to run around naked after a bath!?! Smh"
How I See It: Couldn’t tell you, but I’m sure Twitter is the place to go for answers.