Mike Leake
"Happy monday. hope everybody got their taxes in. who's going to be at the ballpark tonight?"
How I See It: Do you have to pay taxes on shoplifted goods?

Mike Tyson
How I See It: Same goes for human beings (i.e. Evander Holyfield)

Mo Williams
"Despite being the most hated team in the playoffs. Miami is the favorite to win the east."
How I See It: I have a hunch you're not rooting for them. Is that true?

Brian Kelly
"BlueGold game tomorrow at 2 PM EST. Lots of alumni around campus today. Feels like the fall is just around the corner.140 days till USF"
How I See It: Try to avoid using the words "the fall" this week in South Bend.

Kevin Durant
"How many tats between the 2 of you? RT @CHEmack_I_am: Boutb http://plixi.com/p/93715219 #inkandbunz"
How I See It: A bunch.

Chad Ochocinco
"(Mom is pregnant)Son:What's in there?Mom: A baby,your sister!Son: Do u luv her?Mom:Yes,very much! Son:THEN WHY DID U EAT HER? #Happytuesday"
How I See It: Nothing like your early morning humor with Chad Ochocinco.

Usain Bolt
How I See It: How much did Gatorade and/or Nike pay you to tweet that?

Hines Ward
"I want to thank Mrs. Rooney and the girls as well as Mrs. Tomlin for coming out and showing their support for me.... http://fb.me/LsQiAwBk"
How I See It: ... on "Dancing With The Stars."

Blake Griffin
"@ChrisKaman I want an ipad"
How I See It: Got to love how Blake Griffin doesn't need to show any respect towards vets.

LeBron James
"Coming together off the court before we hit the court focused and determined!! http://plixi.com/p/92797549"
How I See It: Did you and Dwyane make Bosh pay?