Tiger Woods
"First win of the year, unfortunately it was against @jimmyfallon"
How I See It: Congrats. Would you consider this win No. 2? Charlie Sheen sure would.

Stuart Holden
"Just had a sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me the best in my recovery, def wasn't intentional, just unfortunate part of the game"
How I See It: Evans only ruined the best season an American has ever had in the Premier League. No big deal. Don't be a pushover, Stu. Toughen up!

Danilo Gallinari
"Having lunch..son adre a mangia'..."
How I See It: Translation: It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know I play better defense than Carmelo Anthony.

Joe Maddon
"Props to the Brignac family's gumbo. They are cooking cajun for the ballclub's pregame meal today."
How I See It: Somebody tell Reid Brignac that Jason Barlett's gone and he can stop brown-nosing the coach. He's got the shortstop job.

Gordon Hayward
"BUTLER TO THE SWEET SIXTEEN!!! #scary #findingwaystowin #legoooo"
How I See It: It sure does make us all wonder ... was that 2-11 performance in the championship game necessary or should you have passed the ball?

Evan Turner
"52 in the first half is nuts"
How I See It: Speaking of a college superstar whose team is doing fine without him ...

Tim Tebow
"Yesterday was Thursday, I'm so glad it's Friday, Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, Saturday, gonna have some fun, fun, fun LOL"
How I See It: Rebecca Black, you know you suck if God granted even Tim Tebow permission to make fun of you.

Pablo Sandoval
"Tattoo time"
How I See It: Glad to see you're working hard at Spring Training to stay on an MLB Roster.

Jalen Rose
"along w/prayer of the day I will also note to "UNFOLLOW a Hater" so if you follow anyone w/an evil/negative or jealous vibe UNFOLLOW THEM!"
How I See It: I have a hunch I know who you unfollowed. Are his his initials GH?

John Calipari
"Sorry those two earlier tweets on Joker's presser were not meant to be sent on Coach Calipari's account. It's a MEDIA ONLY event (D. Peevy)"
How I See It: It could have been worse, Coach. A few of your texts to sixth graders could have found their way to twitter.