Kurt Warner
"Grocery store I shop at still sells my t-shirt so I am getting chased from aisle 2 aisle 4 autograph! Ppl I retired, send them back!"

How I See It: Gotta love the life of the stay-at-home Dad. Kurt “Mr. Mom” Warner at your service.

Dwyane Wade
"Its sad what someone would do to b like you..@KevinHart4real is stalking me..he wants my life."

How I See It: Come on, D-Wade, you should be honored, not frightened.

Ryan Franklin
"Just another crappy day in south FL!!! http://t.co/WFpe7QD"

How I See It: Just another hack of a baseball player trying to make people jealous on Twitter, .

Stephon Marbury
"RT @RushiaB: You don't see distractions when ur FOCUSED on the GOAL! *B that's how I got to china. Clowns said I (cont) http://tl.gd/940lm7"

How I See It: That focus sent you right into obscurity in China and made you an Internet embarrassment.

Leonard Weaver
"I just want to update the everyone on my rehab.....its going great , however everything is moving slow! But rehab is on track."

How I See It: I think NFL fans are more concerned with the future of the league than the future of your knee.

Deion Sanders
"Prime just filled up his gmc denali 90.00 #HOP i see what y'all meen Primetimers."

How I See It: That’s just chump change right, Deion?