Jeremy Roenick
"Teams win cups with players like Upshall"

How I See It: And Patrick Kane. And Sidney Crosby. And Nicklas Lidstrom. No offense, Scottie.

Dwyane Wade
"I'm all over this! @snoopdogg is giving a FREE Bulletstorm concert for the college with the most votes !Vote NOW at"

How I See It: I can tell you what you're not all over: Chauncey Billups.

Anthony Morrow
"Ima have to take DWill to dinner my treat for makin my life easier, no homo tho lolol"

How I See It: Thank God Anthony Morrow got some help at the trade deadline.

Donte' Stallworth
"Charlie Sheen > HAM"

How I See It: Of all people to comment on Charlie Sheen ...

Evan Turner
"S/o to my buckeyes down at state college. Big game tonight. #dowork"

How I See It: NCAA basketball ... a level that a particular second overall pick in this tweet may have left too early.

Greg Jennings
"Nice!That's how you "put the team on your back DOE!!" lol RT @shortnite1: not a packer fan but I will follow her @Da_mrs_85"

How I See It: Gotta love a champ with a sense of humor:

Danilo Gallinari
"Eating some with my man timo..chillin and beautiful weather.."

How I See It: Every Knicks fan just got a little teary eyed. Then they remembered Chauncey Billups's shot and smiled.

Corey Brewer
"Can't sleep so much going thru my head its tough right now. Thanks to all the people following me for all the support"

How I See It: Like what? The fact that you went from averaging 13 points while starting every game last season to being jobless, today?

DeMar DeRozan
"I thank God everyday for the little things in Life..."

How I See It: Ah, you must have just noticed this weekend's back-to-back games in New Jersey. Two games in front of Kim Kardashian and Maria Sharapova!

Luke Donald
"@McIlroyRory of course, we have corona and carlsberg for dessert!! Might even have a Guinness for u Rors!!"

How I See It: Nothing like the talk of European golfers. I'm trying to imagine Tiger and Phil having this conversation on Twitter, but I just can't see it.