Magic Johnson
"Miami Heat, who's the leader? I'm looking for that leader in the 4th quarter, where is he?"

How I See It: He’s nowhere ... any possible leader is too busy crying.

Chansi Stuckey
"Encouraging prayer"

How I See It: Pope Stuckey has spoken.

Nolan Smith
"My bro Kemba Walker is not on twitter..#thatisall"

How I See It: He’s got better things to do ... like being on the court practicing his jumper.

Rod Benson
"I'm starting to like Justin Bieber."

How I See It: I’m starting to believe that you are losing followers by the second.

Shannon Rowbury
"Anyone interested in buying a 1957 T-Bird or a DeLorean? Yeah, I actually do have one of each for sale."

How I See It: When did Twitter become eBay or Craigslist?

Arian Foster
"Kobe has tiger blood #winning"

How I See It: I thought it was snake venom #blackmamba.