Alexi Lalas
"I still maintain that flip-flops are inappropriate for air travel."

How I See It: If you had it your way, people would travel in soccer boots.

Scott Speed
"I just beat @Amanda_Speed at our Name that Tune game surfing the radio for the first time EVER!! yeah!!! #poorloser"

How I See It: I’m sure Amanda Speed is happy you posted you victory on Twitter #cockywinner.

Arian Foster
"Shout out to everyone who ate syrup sandwiches an popped the fried baloney bubble growing up."

How I See It: How you became an elite running back with a diet like that baffles me.

Chad Ochocinco
"One of these days I'm going to start living!!!!!"

How I See It: Yeah, because your life has been so dull up until now.

John Petro
"This is for all My friends that I lost touch with!! All my besties that I don't even talk to anymore!! I need my FRIENDS back! (328c318 bbm)"

How I See It: Did you really just say besties?

Eric Maynor
"Just landed........ D.C wus good????"

How I See It: Do you expect @WashingtonDC to Tweet you back?

Dwyane Wade
"2010-2011 what a year..I've been blessed to have the love and support that I receive. I wanna thank everyone for there kind words..#Z&Zdad"

How I See It: If you aren’t going to tag @KingJames or @chrisbosh ... then I guess I will.