Myron Rolle
"Saw the Bieber movie, I've never seen fans react to an artist like they did him! He can sing though & works hard…"

How I See It: I’m pretty sure the Titans just released you into the free agency after reading that Tweet.

Alana Beard
"Who knew there was a Rosa Mexicano in LA. Best guacamole! Whoop whoop."

How I See It: Alana

Ray Edwards
"Why health food stores never have regular water they always got that extra ish"

How I See It: Because the fancier the name, the healthier the water… duh.

Gerald McCoy
"God bless all the twitter world and more!!"

How I See It: Typically, God is just called upon to bless the United States of America, not a virtual society.

Joe Lauzon
"You can't rush art!"

How I See It: Tell that to Jackson Pollock.

JJ Watt
"Without teachers, where would we be?"

How I See It: Teaching people how to be teachers.