Chad Ochocinco
"For those who don't know the labor talks with the owners n NFLPA= we are nowhere near close to a deal,this will roll into September."

How I See It: If Chad Ochocinco is this pessimistic, you know things are bad. Let’s hope baseball keeps my mind off this fiasco for at least a couple of months.

Josh Cribbs
"Hey make sure you guys come out to Saturday's @monstershockey game to meet me, @joehaden23 and @BossWard43 at pregame autograph session!”

How I See It: If you want to get one last whiff of an NFL player before who knows when, here is your chance. And, on top of that, the Lake Erie Monsters will be donning “Browns-inspired uniforms.” At least somebody is taking advantage of the NFL’s loss.

Coco Crisp
"Anyone know of a good church in AZ"

How I See It: Good thinking, Coco. Your A’s will need all the help they can get!

Coco Crisp

"I need to find a hair braider in AZ my braids are starting to get fuzzy... not a good look!"

How I See It: The two essentials for Coco: God and a hair braider.

Ndamukong Suh
"What up twitter fam, it's friday, what do y'all have going on this weekend? #TeamSuh"

How I See It: Oh I don’t know, just watching the light at the end of the CBA tunnel get smaller and smaller as it fades into the distance. Should be fun!

Stevie Johnson
"GoodLuck To The Athletes Thats Participating In the NFLCombine This Week! Jus Be Urself! Whatever Happens;Happens! Still FBall To Be Played!"

How I See It: One more word of advice from Stevie: Don’t drop a pass. You’ll never forget it. Ever. Oh, and don’t blame God.

Lane Kiffin
"Never despise a small beginning. I remember my days as a quality control coach...consistent, diligent, hardwork pays off! #dontquit"

How I See It: Hardwork and improper phone calls, isn’t that right, coach?