Carmelo Anthony
"Headed to Burbank to film THE CONAN SHOW."

How I See It: Nice. Must have been a pretty boring day then.

Danilo Gallinari
"Siamo a tutto motore...sto giocando a forza quattro con mamma..."

How I See It: Translation: S***, Mom. After all I've done over the past three years, they're making me go to Denver. Will and I have to play with Al Harrington again!

J.R. Smith
"On the plane back to Denver! Never say goodbye always see you later! #seeyoulaterville"

How I See It: J.R. Smith's dream day has finally arrived: He's the Nuggets first option on offense. That is, until Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, and Wilson Chandler suit up on Thursday night.

Ty Lawson
"George Lopez str8 went on amare stoudemire lmao!!"

How I See It: Amare Stoudemire has Carmelo Anthony now. What are you laughing your butt off about?

Allan Houston
"The closer u get to a person, the more you get to know their imperfections...the closer you get to Jesus the more u see His perfection"

How I See It: So does the Knicks' front office think Carmelo is Jesus?

Anthony Morrow

"Jus had a great workout, finna go see my granny"

How I See It: You hear that Nets fans? Anthony Morrow is going to give it everything he's got to make up for not getting Melo. As long as Sasha Vujacic and Travis Outlaw are working hard too, this team's got a chance.

Landry Fields
"Ray, Gallo, Wil, Timo, Ant and Eddy, thnx for everything you've done for me so far this Rookie year! I appreciate it! Wishing you the best."

How I See It: That's sweet, Landry. At least somebody is thanking these guys for bringing the Knicks back to relevance and then being used as trade bait.

Ronny Turiaf
""@JozyAltidore17: Melo to the knicks @RonnyTuriaf14?" - Yesssir, As of Late Last night - When u coming to a Game?"

How I See It: All of a sudden Ronny Turiaf's the cool kid on the block now that he's teammates with Melo.

Hakim Warrick
"I wonder whos gonna do the new york version of black and yellow 1st... Stat and melo , stat and melo, stat and melo... i want a % if they do"

How I See It: .
Marquis Green is your winner. And oh by the way, the Knicks don't plan on signing you and Gerry McNamara, so don't get your hopes up.

Brandon Jennings
"The Knicks are Back, Miami Is Back, Bulls are Back, remind me of the 90's. Great For The NBA. If you ask me"

How I See It: What about Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson's Bucks? Not back yet? Good luck being the Knicks' first Carmelo victim on Wednesday night. And to think you could have been on this team too ...