Carmelo Anthony
"I'll trade this 50 for a W. Anyone, Anyone."

How I See It: Knicks? Lakers? Nets? Heat? Okay, that last one wasn't funny.

Blake Griffin
"How many rules did James Naismith originally write to define the game of basketball?"

How I See It: I don't care. My question is: How many of Issac Newton's Laws of Motion have you defied this season?

Aaron Rodgers
"Thank you for all the kind words the last couple days. Got a chance to reflect on our special journey this year n wanted to thank all of...."

How I See It: ...Brett Favre for briefly retiring three years ago, thus forcing the Packers to make me the franchise quarterback.

Lamar Odom
"Fam you can now pre-order your bottle of Unbreakable today! #Unbreakable"

How I See It: No one takes the manhood out of professional athletes like the Kardashians:

Dan Gilbert
"Detroit/Eminem/Chrysler TV ad had 2 fire U up whether U are from Detroit, Cleveland or any other midwest urban town that's on comeback road.!"

How I See It: Comeback road? I guess that's one way to put a 25-game losing streak.

Joba Chamberlain

"The doritos ones r classic and so was "what's a beiber". Haha. Hopefully more to come!"

How I See It: Over or under: Three Justin Biebers (i before e) can fit in one Joba Chamberlain uniform?

Deion Sanders
"Primetimers was Prime clean today or what? The suit is grey with tangerine stripes. Gucci shoes and men don't try this at home. Truth."

How I See It: Prime definitely didn't try to steal the spotlight on Sunday with his exotic attire or anything. No, he would never do that ...

Brian Kelly
"We are looking for some Irish fans to join us. It's a great experience and something you'll never forget. Fantasy camp info on"

How I See It: Unfortunately, most Irish fans still haven't forgotten the Charlie Weis Era. And that wasn't a great experience.

Landry Fields
"Just left @NYSE_Euronext doing my shoot for @dimemag. Now headed to see my @nikebasketball fam!"

How I See It: New York Stock Exchange? I guess that's where the Knicks send their Stanford draftees on off-days.

LeBron James
"“@AirJordyn_: @KingJames hey LeBron!” Hey"

How I See It: This tweets reminds me how the nickname "King James" is just a tad more arrogant than "Air Jordan."