Cole Aldrich
"Pedicure. Gotta take care of the feet that God blessed me with. Even though they are ugly! #toosexyformysox. Haha"

How I See It: I am sure Rex Ryan doesn’t think those feet are ugly.

Donte Stallworth
"To a man that sacrifices his LIFE and compromises his family & their well being for a cause greater than himself gets ALL my respect "

How I See It: Stallworth compromised his family for a less nobler causing in drinking and driving but like to see that he is giving respect to Dr. King on his day.

Tyrell Sutton
"Anybody know where the best / dry cleaners is? Cuz the one i been going to rip a hole in my pocket everytime"

How I See It: Maybe you should start worrying about getting on the field more as opposed to your pockets considering you got only 13 carries with the worst team in the league.

Lance Armstrong
"Up early here in OZ. Anti-doping blood control for the UCI."

How I See It: No point in testing again because we all know the truth.

Pete Carroll
"in our team mtg this afternoon, we already turned our focus to 2011... we're so pumped to take you along with us! #12thMan"

How I See It: It's understandable that the meeting quickly turned to 2011 since there was nothing good about yesterday’s performance against the Bears.