Chansi Stuckey
"I think I want a new dog. Needs to be large and hypoallergenic"

How I See It: I think Michael Vick knows a guy ... What? Too soon?

Steve Breaston

"Most over used word on this broadcast ... Predominantly...let's switch it up a little bit."

How I See It: Looks like somebody wants to replace either Joe Buck or Troy Aikman.

Jermichael Finley
"Do not punt to Jackson"

How I See It: You sound like Tom Coughlin.

Deion Sanders
"Must score for the eagles. They can't settle with a FG"

How I See It: I love how simple math lends itself to a Tweet.

Terrell Owens
"@StevieJohnson13 sup homie?"

How I See It: Please don’t corrupt Steve Johnson. He doesn’t need to be on VH1.

Mark Schlereth
"The Tuck rule is Stupid....therefore I expect the NFL to keep it as is!"

How I See It: Your logic is 100 percent correct.

Joel Hanrahan
"Pretty disappointed with the current issue of sky mall!"

How I See It: Please tell me you are not Tweeting from an altitude of 30,000 feet. I wonder what the captain has to say about this.

Andre Reed
"Ravens workin on all cylinders now!!!!!"

How I See It: They are birds, not cars.