Devin Hester
"Loading up on redbull game time coming baby!!!!!!"

How I See It: Devin Hester is already too fast. Giving him Red Bull should be illegal.

Terrell Thomas
"My service sucks in my house, gotta do better"

How I See It: You are an NFL player. Just buy a new one.

Golden Tate
"Wow 12th man ..... Y'all r amazing 10 miles down the road I see hundreds of people on a overpass cheering us on! Goooo hawks"

How I See It: Wonder if they'll still be enthusiastic after you get killed by the Bears.

Steve Nash
"Sun roof is open. If only this wasn't a hybrid somebody would be cool as hell...."

How I See It: Hippie Canadians and their hybrids and environment ...

Jahvid Best
""Failure IS success if you learned from it""

How I See It: Yes, but is success ever failure? Deep questions ...

Fabian Washington
"Just walking the streets of Pittsburg looking for food"

How I See It: Watch out for James Harrison. He loves cheap-shotting Ravens.

Eric Wright
"Hhmmm this guy is unarmed! Let's c.. Mace, No! Billy club, No! Taser gun, No! Oohhh here we go, Ima SHOOT this dude wit my glock!!"
How I See It: Is that a reference to LeBron James murdering Cleveland's soul?