Maurice Jones-Drew
"I switch my pick bc the bears have todd collins in... And the packers D is on attack mode"

How I See It: Mojo: I know you’re not used to picking teams because you are too busy playing for the Jags, but typically once you say one team will win … your pick is locked and it cannot be changed given the events of the game.

Alexi Lalas
"That should be a throw-in for the Jets."

How I See It: I know you're a soccer commentator, but still ... you should know that there are no throw-ins in AMERICAN football.

Leigh Bodden
"JETS can't stop that fuel from leakin.. #sittinontherunway"

How I See It: I hope you’re not talking about the BP oil spill… because they plugged that a few months ago.

Kevin Durant
"Mendenhall is like a bulldozer with a bugatti engine!"

How I See It: ... that's got the steering of a Porsche!

Patrick Patterson
"This is ugly haha. Smart for Sanchez to fake injury n leave game before gets any uglier."

How I See It: Pretty boy doesn’t want to lose again in the AFC Championship.

Sean Weatherspoon
"Did Sanchez just put a booger on dude? Lol"

How I See It: They don't have "terrible handkerchiefs" in Pittsburgh, just terrible towels.