Beanie Wells
"Somebody let me know where!"

How I See It: will help you find your way.

Joe Haden
"Awwww somebody is in there feelings! Lmao! Ima b good 4ever! I got this! Do u"

How I See It: Just because you can only post a maximum of 140 characters, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to make absolutely no sense.

Luca Caputi
"Russell Westbrook is like Usain Bolt with the Rock! #madskill"

How I See It: There is absolutely no way he is that fast.

Kevin Boss
"Ray Allen's jumper is one of the prettiest things in all of sports"

How I See It: The last time I checked you play for a New York sports team.

Terrell Thomas
"I hate but respect big babys game"

How I See It: I hope Kevin Boss is taking notes on how to talk about Boston sports teams.

Chad Ochocinco
"Marathon Love Making"

How I See It: Child please, don’t post that type of stuff on Twitter. Keep it PG.

Adam Jones
"Got Internet for this 5.5 hour flight. A lot of tweeting."

How I See It: If it’s going to be five and a half hours of this, then just stick to brick breaker, please.