Keith Eloi
"Anyone know a good quality site where I can go to watch the next game?"

How I See It:

Glenn Dorsey
"Definatley will be in Chicago next weekend.…"
How I See It: You definitely will not be participating in a spelling bee any time soon.

Jennie Finch
"Hard to beat this Sunday! Church, Lunch, Massage, & a Facial... A blessed day indeed!"

How I See It: Jennie, you kind of forgot the biggest thing about this Sunday: Two divisional playoff games. Tisk, tisk.

Darryl Talley
"Seahawks ain't runnin for the bus."

How I See It: They are running all the way back to Seattle after that loss today.

Jerryd Bayless
"New orleans you know its love"

How I See It: No. That was last year when the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Brandon Jennings
"Black Roses…"

How I See It: Well, if that’s not an oxymoron I’m not sure what is.

Mark Schlereth
"Cutler and the Bears looked great today but the Seahawks looked like they thought they were on a bye week"

How I See It: If they thought they were on a bye week, then they probably wouldn’t have even shown up to the stadium to get humiliated.