Darrelle Revis
"I wish I had some starburst right now"

How I See It: Sit tight, Darrelle. You can leave the Island right after you win the Super Bowl.

Tiger Woods
"Don't usually do foundation shoots on the range, looking forward to exciting things this spring. http://yfrog.com/h2np7tij"

How I See It: Don't usually do things to connect with fans, but have to tweet to restore your image.

John Wall
"YepRT @nicolecarman93: Coach Calipari is a great man!! @jimmywa11 had a great coach!"

How I See It: Yeah, gotta love a guy who starts texting recruits in fourth grade.

Blake Griffin
""The most dangerous thing today is yesterdays success" back 2 work.. love my teammates... we all know we got each others backs!"

How I See It: Dude, screw that quote. You dropped 47 last night. Don't be humble.

Allen Iverson
"surgery. I have never said anything about retirement nor have I said goodbye to the game of basketball. I love this game! That is why I"

How I See It: On 11/25/09, you tweeted "I would like to announce my plans to retire from the National Basketball Association." But you've never said anything about retirement, right?

Tim Tebow
"Welcome to Denver Coach Fox! Can't wait to get to work with you!!! About Coach Fox RT @johnelway: He is a dynamic and proven leader..."

How I See It: We understand you need to suck up to the coach to keep your job, but do you have to make it so obvious?

Carmelo Anthony
"The true measure of a man is not how he lives in times of prosperity but in times of adversity ""

How I See It: What about adversity over becoming more prosperous? Not like you're going through that or anything ...

Santonio Holmes
"Knock! Knock! IM BAAAAACCCCK!"

How I See It: Starting the trash talking on Tuesday? That's pretty late in the week for a Jet.

Devin Hester
"God has really bless me this season playoff-pro bowl- all pro team and what's next ???????????"

How I See It: Being eliminated by the team that you had a chance to get knock out of the playoffs three weeks ago.

LeBron James
"Before u can see sun shine, u have to whether the storm."

How I See It: Don't you realize that this country hates you and you will never be able to WEATHER the storm?