Lots of football players, former football players and fans sent out congratulatory tweets to Peyton Manning after the Denver Broncos quarterback broke Brett Favre's career record for touchdown passes Sunday night.

But few of these messages were retweeted more than one humorous note written by Jenn Sterger, the woman to whom Favre was accused of sending pictures of his genitalia.

Sterger was a "Gameday Host" for the New York Jets during Favre's brief stint with the team in 2008. While Favre admitted to sending Sterger suggestive voice mails, he never admitted to the photos. He was fined $50,000 for refusing to participate in the NFL's investigation of the incident.

The tweet from Sterger, who describes herself as a "comedian/actress/writer" and a "eucatastrophe in the works" in her Twitter bio, of course, suggests again that he did send her photos.

In addition to thousands of retweets and favorites, the tweet generated a few hilarious memes that Sterger apparently enjoyed:

Since the messages exchanged between Favre and Sterger were made public in 2010, she has left sports broadcasting and begun a new career in Los Angeles. She's spoken publicly about removing her breast implants, which she's called her "superhero costume," and pursuing a career as an actress. While she's left the broadcasting sphere, she still sends out lots of sports-related tweets to her more than 40,000 followers:

Favre himself did congratulate Peyton with a much tamer message:

Sterger wasn't the only one to make noise while saluting Manning. Former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes' backhanded compliment to the Broncos' quarterback earned the ire of many tweeters:

The New York Jets don't exactly need any more embarrassment, but try telling that to their biggest rival. Ahead of their tilt on Thursday Night Football, New England made sure the Jets recalled a past meeting they would rather forget.

The Patriots have had more than their fair share of blowouts over the Jets in recent years, but one particular moment from their Thanksgiving Day 2012 win has found eternal life in the sports fan lexicon.

On that day, the 'Buttfumble' was born.

If the name isn't descriptive enough, the picture tweeted by the Patriots' official Twitter account is of Mark Sanchez losing control of the football after running into the backside of his center.

It wasn't a decisive play by any means -- the Patriots cruised to victory, 49-19 -- but the Buttfumble became a national punchline that haunted Mark Sanchez until he left town.

The Jets, on the other hand, have a ways to go before they live that infamous fumble down.

Major League Baseball's ALCS starring the Orioles and Royals has drawn its fair share of trash-talkers out of the woodwork, particularly among fans who laid in hibernation as the two clubs endured long playoff droughts.

Now, with the ALCS winner moving on to the World Series, the stakes are high. People are passionate. Last week, the police had to get involved.

But not in the way you'd think.

Them's fighting words. Baltimore wasn't about to back down.

And thus a gentleman's wager was born:

So far, the K.C. police have been the ones licking their chops. They won the first two at Baltimore and did some playful trolling of their Baltimore brethren after Game 2.

Kansas City's clearly reveling in the moment, but give them a great. Their current playoff run has been a long time coming.

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Jay Feely knows an opportunity when he sees one.

Feely, 38, was released by the Arizona Cardinals in August after a 13-year NFL career. So instead of suiting up on Sundays this fall, Feely has been watching his former colleagues on television.

Feely has paid special attention to the Lions, and not only because he played his college ball at Michigan. Detroit has struggled mightily on special teams, and kicker Alex Henery missed all three of his field goal attempts Sunday in a three-point loss to the Buffalo Bills. This had Lions fans wondering about Feely:

While it wasn't clear if Feely was joking, the Lions took him up on the offer.

Feely spent the last four seasons with the Cardinals, where he made 98 of 115 field goals attempted (85.2 percent). His stiffest competition for the Detroit job will likely be from former Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater.

While it's unlikely the Lions decided to call Feely after seeing his tweet, Detroit has gone to unusual lengths in the recent past to find kickers. This is the team that gave two tryouts to Norwegian Internet sensation Havard Rugland.

The fan who tweeted at Feely, Mike Tanzini, got a kick out of the proceedings:

The Lions' next kicker will be their third this season. The team opened the year with seventh-round pick Nate Freese as the starter. Freese went 3-for-7 before getting cut after three games.

"It's one of those things we'll look at it closely and we've got to find a performer," Lions coach Jim Caldwell said. "That's basically what we have to get done. In that area you've got to get a guy who is consistent under pressure and will be able to get us some points on the board."

Oh, those New York Mets. They may be 15.5 games down in the standings, but don't try and tell the club's social media team to pack it up. On Monday, the Mets threw out a sweet hashtag prompt #IAmAMetsFanBecause, asking fans to tell the story of why they are a Mets fan.

Things went exactly as you might expect. Some were sincere:

Some were interesting:

But most of them were dripping with sarcasm, if not directly insulting:

Give the Mets credit, though: It's late September, and they found a way to entertain us all.

As Mets fans know, that doesn't happen often.

Lolo Jones was kicked off ABC's Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night, thus ending the most objectively uncomfortable one-week run for any performer in the show's history.

In relatively limited screen time -- the Olympic sprinter and bobsledder was one of 10 contestants featured in the two-hour season-opener on Monday -- Jones managed to 1) render her dancing partner speechless 2) dance like a 1980s action figure with only four points of articulation 3) forget a considerably large portion of her one-minute routine, and 4) repeatedly talk over the judges as they tried to articulate how poorly she had performed.

Points one through three are forgivable. Point four is a cardinal sin within the 'DWTS' framework. Nobody likes a celebrity dance contestant that can't take criticism, and past celebrity athletes have been notoriously bad at this. Jones was so blatant in her disregard for The Honorable Len Goodman that it seemed like the audience actually booed her.

After her elimination, Jones went to quick work on social media to address her elimination, thanking her fans and expressing disappointment that she didn't last long longer:

After that post, Jones received a deluge of fan feedback covering the full spectrum of embrace and animosity. To be fair, she did seem to acknowledge that her behavior on the show was in poor taste:

Jones also added "Retired Dancing with the Stars" to her Twitter bio. But don't worry, she'll be back for the show's season finale.

A Dodgers fan has quickly and quite unintentionally become a viral sensation for doing, well, nothing.

During Wednesday's game between Los Angeles and Washington, this man was caught on the TV broadcast hanging out in the bleachers:

As you can see, this guy is doing nothing other than enjoying a sunny Southern California day at the ballpark. However because of his considerable heft and lack of clothing, he became the subject of lots of humorous tweets:

And for the fans of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

Kudos to this fan for letting it all hang out. Baseball games can be long and drawn out -- this one lasted 5 hours and 34 minutes before the Nationals won in 14 innings -- so it's important to get comfortable. And something tells us no one at Dodger Stadium was more comfortable than this man.

The story has gone international as a news outlet in Belgium wrote an account. According to the Google Translation of the article from Dutch, the fan is referred to as "the rather corpulent protagonist."

It has been a busy start to the year for Nebraska Cornhuskers defensive end Jack Gangwish.

The former walk-on earned a scholarship last week and, after having never played a snap before this season, is on pace to make his first start Saturday against McNeese State.

It's a dream come true for Gangwish, a redshirt junior who grew up a huge Nebraska fan and worked tirelessly to see his way onto the field.

In addition to the exciting on-the-field happenings, Gangwish has also become somewhat of a viral sensation after posting a photo that has all of Nebraska's considerable fanbase talking. Gangwish uploaded this image -- taken by a fan last season -- to his Twitter page this week:

The photo has been widely shared in a matter of days, and it's not hard to see why. It's gotten hundreds of retweets and favorites, and that's not even to mention the shares it's gotten through Facebook:

The photo has special meaning to Gangwish, who can relate with the young fan:

Gangwish is from Wood River, Neb., and according to the 2010 U.S. Census, the town's population is 1,325.

Cornhuskers fans are no strangers to young boys who capture the hearts of fans everywhere. Jack Hoffman, a young boy diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer, became a viral sensation after scoring a touchdown in Nebraska's 2013 spring game.

If Boston had its own Mount Rushmore of living celebrities, Mark Wahlberg might make the cut. The actor started his adult life as the namesake for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, a Boston-based hip-hop group. In his acting life, Wahlberg has starred in such Boston-centric classics as The Departed, The Perfect Storm and Ted.

Even with all the Boston blood in him -- he grew up in Dorchester -- Wahlberg cannot help but pay his respects to Derek Jeter. Wahlberg is the latest to tip his cap to The Captain:

In the course of Wahlberg's career, he has not avoided all New York-related roles. It is important to remember Wahlberg played NYPD detective Terry Hoitz in The Other Guys. It is also important not to forget part of Hoitz's character development is a result of a pre-plot incident involving the detective and Jeter:

The fictional clip gave Wahlberg's character the nickname "The Yankee Clipper." Of course, there is irony in Wahlberg, a noted Red Sox fan, pulling the trigger on Jeter. In Ted, Wahlberg made an attempt to save the title character by climbing up the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

As for the particular shirt Wahlberg is wearing in the tweet, the "RE2PECT" moniker surrounding Jeter attire is a development by the Jordan Brand, a Jeter sponsor. Wahlberg is a close friend of Michael Jordan and consistent wearer of Jordans. In June, after eating a meal with Jordan, TMZ caught up with Wahlberg, who said he paid the bill, partly due to all the Jordans MJ provides him with.

The Yankees and Red Sox open up a three-game set in the Bronx Tuesday night. The mid-week affair will make up Jeter's final home stand against the rival Red Sox. However, the Captain could potentially end his career in Boston. The Yankees end the regular season with a three-game series at Fenway Park Sept. 26-28.

The Bronx Bombers entered the series four games out of the fifth and final American League playoff spot.

Beyonce's nearly 20-minute performance at Sunday's MTV VMAs left many people speechless. The 32-year-old, who also received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement, put on an unforgettable show that features cameos from her husband, Jay-Z, and her daughter, Blue.

Eric LeGrand had something to say about Beyonce's performance, but it wasn't what anyone would have expected.

The former Rutgers football player, who was paralyzed while making a tackle against Army in October 2010, sent out this tweet to his 132,000 followers after watching Beyonce perform her song, "Drunk in Love":

The image shows the moment that LeGrand became paralyzed, and not all of his followers found the joke funny.

For the most part, however, it seems people gave LeGrand the benefit of the doubt.

An hour after the original tweet, LeGrand sent out this message:

LeGrand has been known to have a sense of humor about his predicament, and in the past he's moved on quickly when his paralysis became the subject of controversy. Still, it is a little jarring to see such a devastating injury employed for the sake of humor.

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