It took nearly two years, but Marshall Henderson finally got his revenge on Erin Andrews.

The feisty former Ole Miss guard took some heat from Andrews in July 2013 after he was indefinitely suspended for a failed drug test. The news came after Henderson's breakout season, during which he led Ole Miss to the third round of the NCAA tournament and made a name for himself as a talented but troubled star.

Now the tables have turned somewhat, as Andrews' boyfriend is the one caught with drugs. Jarret Stoll, the broadcaster's beau and Los Angeles Kings center, was arrested in Las Vegas after being suspected of having cocaine and ecstasy. Stoll was jailed on multiple drug possession counts and released after posting $5,000 bail.

Henderson, who now plays professionally in Iraq, swooped in for his long awaited-vengeance with this tweet:

Predictably, Henderson's words elicited a strong reaction from the sports Twittersphere:

Andrews has not tweeted since April 17, the day of Stoll's arrest.

Anyone who tries to get Twitter mentions from famous people has to be excited about Riddick Bowe's latest offer. The former heavyweight boxing champion, who has drawn plenty of praise for being one of the weirdest, most oddly entertaining athletes on Twitter, is ready to give you the Twitter interaction you've always wanted.

It sounds like he's serious, too, so if it's worth the money, now's the time to take action.

But even if you aren't willing to pay-to-play, Bowe offers plenty of entertainment worth taking in. For example, here's Bowe, who has more than 450,000 followers, talking about his experience attending a recent hockey game:

Thank you, Rodney Dangerfield.

Other times, he's asking questions that cause you to stop and think:

Here's Bowe declaring his interest in presiding over a sovereign state:

And, finally, here's Bowe flexing one of his strengths: The ability to confuse.

And if you were unsure of each tweet's author, Bowe, who lost his boxing fortune of $15 million, clears it up by signing his name at the end. Every time.

So anyways, if you haven't been following him before, now's a good time to start.

Of the many messages from celebrities and athletes sent to congratulate Jordan Spieth on winning the Masters, one tweet was scrutinized more than most.

That tweet came from tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, who was engaged to Rory McIlroy before the pair unexpectedly split up last year.

Shortly after the 21-year-old Spieth wrapped up his dominating performance at Augusta on Sunday, Wozniacki sent out this tweet:

McIlroy, who was gunning for the only major title that he hasn't won, settled for fourth place.

While Wozniacki's tweet seems innocent enough, some people thought she was driving a wedge between golf's hottest young stars. A potential rivalry between Spieth and McIlroy is something that Spieth was asked about after the tournament.

"He's got four majors. That's something I can still only dream about," Spieth told reporters. "I'll never hit it as far as he does, so I'll have to make up that somewhere else."

Here's what people had to say in response to Wozniacki:

This wouldn't be the first time Wozniacki has thrown shade at McIlroy on social media, but she swears that wasn't what she was trying to do.

Wozniacki herself appears to have moved on. She was spotted with Houston Texans star J.J. Watt at the Final Four last weekend and again on Saturday off the coast of Florida.

After a long battle with brain cancer, 19-year-old basketball player Lauren Hill passed away early Friday morning. In her wake, Hill leaves behind an impressive legacy of activism and awareness, including a successful $1 million drive to raise funds for cancer research.

Hill's story touched many throughout the sports world for her bravery in facing her condition head-on. The former basketball star accomplished her dream of playing at the college level even as she battled her terminal condition -- she managed to suit up for one game with the school that had originally recruited her to play on the team.

Shortly after passing, Hill received a long, touching tribute from LeBron James over Twitter.

Hill maintained that her goal was to help find a cure for cancer, even as she was aware she probably wouldn't live to see that day. Although she is gone, the body of work she left behind will certainly further the cause and help other future victims of cancer.

With a harmless tweet meant to acknowledge and celebrate MLB's Opening Day, Hostess embarrassed itself mightily.

Or did it?

Here's the message sent out by the snack company:

It doesn't take a diehard sports fan to notice something weird with this ad. Baseball, of course, does not have touchdowns.

Here are some of the reactions from the Twitterverse:

The folks over at Sports Illustrated pointed the error out to Hostess, which responded with a humorous tweet:

The original tweet has been retweeted and favorited more than 1,000 times, which is a much greater level of engagement than any of Hostess' other tweets has earned. This leads one to think, might this all have been a marketing ploy?

More than a few people think this is Hostess' sly way of earning publicity:

Whether Hostess intended the tweet to say "touchdown" or not, the fact that it has garnered so much attention likely means the snack company picked up a big win on Opening Day.

Deion Sanders gave his famous name to his son, but he also gave him an upbringing far more affluent and privileged than the one he experienced.

So when he saw his son, now a college football player at Southern Methodist University, posting to Twitter about his preference for doughnuts from the "hood," Sanders Sr. had to go into dad mode.

It was glorious.

It's never fun getting burned by your own dad, and much worse when that happens in front of people. Far, far worse is when your father burns you over Twitter, where he has 910,000 followers.

And Sanders had a little bit more to add:

Later, he made it clear the comments were all in fun -- even if they were rooted in the truth.

Still, it's refreshing to see someone of Sanders' stature calling out comments that embrace "the hood" as a cultural symbol or a badge of honor.

Particularly when those comments are coming from a rich kid.

While Twitter has done wonders for athletes and sports fans, all too often the social media platform can prove brutally demoralizing.

Actress Ashley Judd discovered this lesson the hard way over the weekend.

The diehard Kentucky Wildcats fan was at the SEC tournament cheering on her team as it charged through the tournament and advanced to 34-0 on the season. Her tweets from the games, while benign, quickly became fodder for opposing fans:

Of course, some fans were more civil in their disagreement:

During an appearance Monday on MSNBC Judd discussed the "shaming culture on social media" and added that she would be pressing charges against some of the people who went after her.

Even that message provoked some vile on Twitter, and Judd was quick to respond.

Kentucky enters the NCAA tournament as the top overall seed and the favorite to win the championship. If the Wildcats do advance to the Final Four, expect Judd to be watching in person.

This little girl isn't the only one heartbroken to see Jimmy Graham shipped from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks.

Drew Brees, who connected with Graham for 51 touchdown passes over the course of five seasons, was also devastated to see his top target traded. Perhaps knowing that a picture speaks a thousand words, Brees on Wednesday tweeted this photo of his son wearing a Jimmy Graham jersey:

When reached for comment, this is what Brees had to say:

Making the situation all the more troubling for Brees is the fact that his monster contract (he is owed $26.4 million and $27.4 million over the next two years) may have made it nearly impossible for the Saints to resign Graham.

Graham had some issues with the Saints organization during his time in New Orleans, but he and Brees were always close. Even after reports surfaced in 2014 that Graham was annoyed when Brees said the team was prepared to move on with or without Graham, the Pro Bowl tight end claimed there was no beef.

"Nah," Graham told ESPN The Magazine. "No, Drew's my guy. I love Drew."

Graham had good reason to love Brees. Other than the fact that Brees is widely recognized as one of the nicest men in the NFL, he is also largely responsible for the rise in Graham's star. With the help of Brees, Graham has been voted to three Pro Bowls and is one of the most feared pass catchers in the league. Without Brees, experts say, Graham would likely be a good-but-not-great player.

Fortunately for Graham, he should be in a pretty good situation with his new Pro Bowl quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Many of Graham's former teammates joined Brees in expressing surprise and frustration with the deal.

Brees has been fortunate to play with a pair of tight ends in Graham and Antonio Gates who may wind up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Suffice it to say the man who succeeds Graham has some big shoes to fill.

If you thought professional athletes' salaries were outrageous, wait until you hear how much certain superstars could make for a single tweet.

According to Opendorse, a platform that connects athletes with marketers, the world's most popular players can earn upwards of $100,000 for typing fewer than 140 characters. The company valued a single LeBron James tweet at worth around $126,000. But that's nothing compared to what another 30-year-old superstar could make.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Opendorse, could net $304,000 in one tweet.

That's right, all it takes for the handsome Golden Boot winner to put away more than a quarter of a million dollars is to type out one tweet.

Ronaldo has 34.1 million followers, which trumps James' 19.5 million. Ronaldo is also perhaps the world's most recognizable star in its most popular sport. On his Twitter account, Ronaldo mixes posts about soccer with those meant as advertisements. Here are a few in which he is pushing a product:

James has tweeted more than Ronaldo (4,613 to 2,292) but seems to advertise less. Here are some of James' brand-based tweets:

James is careful with his tweets and reportedly turned down at least one huge offer:

With great power comes great responsibility, and James has been burned before for tweets seen as disparaging toward one of his endorsers.

James and Kevin Durant are the only basketball players and American athletes who made Opendorse's top five list. The rest of the men are soccer stars.

Two seasons ago Dwyane Wade lost $150,000 in fines plus forfeited salary as punishment after he kicked Ramon Sessions in the groin.

So when James Harden pulled a similar move on Wade's former teammate and good friend LeBron James, Wade's wife, actress Gabrielle Union, set out to make sure the punishment was the same.

In a series of tweets Monday, Union laid out her case for why Harden should be suspended for a game. She notes that the NBA is in a tough position because the Houston Rockets are playing the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday in a matchup between two of the league's best teams. Ratings might not be the same with Harden, an MVP candidate, on the bench.

Making comparisons to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, it seems, has become the worst insult one can hurl these days.

As is the case when a celebrity takes a strong stand, Union got lots of spiteful tweets. She responded with a bit of humor:

In the end, Union got what she wanted. The NBA on Monday suspended Harden without pay for Tuesday's game between Houston and Atlanta.

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