Thanks to Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Eric Wood, we're about to see just how crazy fans can get with their autograph requests.

Wood, 28, tweeted a photo of a jock strap sent to him by a fan seeking his signature.

He added some details, in part to make sure his followers didn't get any gross ideas:

It didn't take long before someone crossed the line:

For Wood's sake, let's hope this doesn't get too out of hand. After all, fans can get pretty creative with their autograph requests. Fans have asked players to sign dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, babies and, most recently, an insurance card.

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As we've seen before, the NFL has no limitations when it comes to who it drug tests.

That applies to punters, kickers and even 38-year-old quarterbacks.

Matt Hasselbeck, the Colts' backup and former Pro Bowler, tweeted that he was recently asked by the league for a random sample.

Of course, it's standard protocol for the league to test its players, regardless of whether they were the MVP last season or they attempted 12 passes (like Hasselbeck). But the former Packers, Seahawks and Titans signal-caller couldn't help but poke fun at the procedure with some deprecating humor.

If nothing else, this dispels the conspiracy theory that little-used players are only tested after big performances (like Steve Weatherford and Pat McAfee did). Playing behind Pro Bowler Andrew Luck in 2013, Hasselbeck only completed seven passes for 130 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.

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Steve Weatherford's afternoon took a dramatic turn recently after a tweet he received from the wife of a leukemia patient.

The New York Giants punter, who has more than 90,000 Twitter followers, noticed that a woman named Mary Cruz tweeted at him asking if he would be willing to meet her husband, Leroy, who is battling leukemia. He responded immediately:

Weatherford dropped whatever he was doing and headed to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

The 31-year-old spent the afternoon with the Cruzes and later posted this information to Instagram:

"Spending the afternoon with Leroy Cruz was a life changing experience. He is only 24 years old, fighting Leukemia. He has such an inspiring attitude about defeating this disease. He is in the fight of his life. He loves the New York Giants, and said,"the way New York Giants never quit when they were playing the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42 is the way He will never quit until he beats Leukemia!" I am blown away. God bless you in your fight"

But Weatherford didn't just stop there. He even got teammate Victor Cruz to sign a jersey for Leroy:

Weatherford's flurry of tweets about Leroy prompted even more support on Twitter. To see just how much Weatherford's story has resonated with people on social media, check out Mary's timeline.

Weatherford, who is also the NFL's most buff punter, has been known to not hold back on Twitter (for evidence, see the photo below). And once again, we see that Weatherford's receptiveness has paid off.

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Forget about shelling out a fortune for airfare, lodging and tickets to the Final Four. Next time you want to take the trip of a lifetime, follow in one savvy woman's footsteps and try Twitter.

As Deadspin revealed, a Twitter user with the handle @letsgolakers086 is headed to the Final Four for the second consecutive year after winning another Twitter contest. Last year she won a contest sponsored by Wheat Thins:

And this year she is headed to Dallas thanks to Burger King:

In case you were wondering, this simple tweet won @letsgolakers086 first-class airline tickets, four nights in a hotel, tickets to the semifinals and championship game and $1,600 in spending money:

This isn't just some fluke, however, and it turns out this woman is rather adept at winning contests on Twitter. Deadspin uncovered a host of other contests that she's entered and won. Here's a sampling:

Not bad, huh? This woman appears to be what is known as a "sweeper," or someone who enters lots of contests and sweepstakes. Even though she may only win one out of every 20 or 30, she enters a lot and when she wins, well, it's epic.

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At this point, it's fair to say that anyone who trolls Richard Sherman on Twitter should follow the same advice that quarterbacks get when playing against the Seahawks' talented cornerback:

Stay away.

Sherman, who has destroyed naysayers before, got into a heated discussion with New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount about his status atop the NFL cornerback hierarchy.

The feud started rather innocuously, with Blount wishing his former teammate Aqib Talib good luck with his new team, the Denver Broncos.

When asked to clarify, Blount did not back off.

Perhaps not wanting to pick another fight, Sherman was reserved in his response.

But Blount wouldn't lay off.

At this point, Sherman starts getting fired up.

Perhaps out of a desire to end the debate with one swoop, Sherman laid down the hammer.

Hard to argue with that. Plus, the stats back up Sherman's side. Despite only being in his third year in the NFL, Sherman topped Talib in 2013 in interceptions (8 to 4) and passes defended (16 to 14).

Later, Sherman added the cherry on top of his shutdown sundae.

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It's not uncommon for someone to take to Twitter to voice frustration with a piece of technology, perhaps a phone, for malfunctioning.

Luckily for most of us, we're not the primary endorser of a particular phone.

LeBron James, on the other hand, is one of Samsung's most recognizable spokesmen, having starred in several commercials for the Apple competitor.

So it doesn't take a genius to see why it would be awkward for LeBron to vent on Twitter about his phone. Samsung makes up a considerable portion of LeBron's $42 million endorsement profile, after all.

Realizing this, LeBron moved quickly to remove his tweet, but not before it had been seen by thousands.

The four-time NBA MVP followed that message up with a few more detailing his frustration:

TMZ got in touch with a Samsung rep, who told the website that the company was working to solve the problem.

"We are following the situation," the Samsung rep said. "We have a team looking into it. There should be more information soon."

Sure enough, LeBron got all of his data back before long.

The damage, it seems, was already done. Even though Samsung swiftly fixed the problem, the company can't be happy that its highest profile endorser huffed to his 12 million followers that he was having problems with his device.

But LeBron might be in good company. Consider these points from an Apple Insider report:

Samsung's promotional efforts to pose celebrities next to its products has frequently encountered embarrassing turns, such as when Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted before, during and after the event from her iPhone, despite engaging in theatrical use of a Samsung product on stage.

At the last Summer Olympics, Samsung signed an "exclusive agreement with David Beckham to be its global brand ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games," but Beckham was, embarrassingly for Samsung, just spotted using his iPhone 5s at the Super Bowl.

This text will be replaced

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It didn't take Mr. Met long to learn that social media isn't all good and fun.

Like many athletes and public figures before him, New York's mascot was the subject of some good-natured (we think) teasing from his counterparts upon creating his Twitter page.

Kansas City Royals mascot "Sluggerrr" kicked off the jokes with this tweet:

Unfazed, Mr. Met responded with this gem:

It didn't take long for other mascots to join in on the fun. Southpaw, who represents the Chicago Whites Sox, apparently also has feelings for Mrs. Met:

So does Cleveland's Slider:

Good thing Mr. Met's face features a permanent smile. Otherwise he probably wouldn't be grinning after all these low blows.

(H/T to

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You know Shaquille O'Neal is a four-time NBA champion and a surefire future Hall of Famer, but you may not have known that the big man is also a self-professed "tech geek."

O'Neal admitted as much in an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Shaq also opened up about his love for new technology, claiming that he spends $1,000 a week on phone apps and recently binged on some deer-hunting games for his phone.

O'Neal also revealed his Twitter strategy and why he's been so successful on the micro-blogging platform. After all, you don't get to be the first verified account and rack up more than eight million followers without a plan. O'Neal says 60 percent of his tweets are humorous, 30 percent are inspiring and the rest are meant to be promotional. That said, it's unclear where one of his more recent tweets fits into the balance:

You can watch Shaq's full interview below:

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Dustin Penner knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

The 31-year-old winger, who was recently traded from the Ducks to the Capitals, recently found himself stranded at a grocery store in his new home city of Washington, D.C. So Penner put out a request for help on Twitter.

As you may remember, this isn't the first time Penner has taken to Twitter to make an offer in exchange for tickets. Earlier this year he and former teammate Nick Bonino swapped two tickets to an Anaheim game in exchange for a box of cereal.

The ploy worked again, as Penner got several offers via Twitter. The first was from Capitals rookie Tom Wilson:

A Washington man named Emilio Delgado also offered to pick Penner up. And after some arranging, that's exactly what happened:

Later, Delgado tweeted a photo of the tickets Penner gave him:

As it turns out, Delgado got to see a thrilling game. Down 0-2 going into the third period, the Capitals came back and notched three goals in the final session to down the Phoenix Coyotes, 3-2. Penner played about 11 minutes and notched one shot. On the season Penner has 13 goals and 19 assists in 52 games.

Penner has now used Twitter to score Cap'n Crunch and a ride from the grocery store. Perhaps he should consider using it to find a place to stay in D.C.

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If the doldrums of winter are weighing you down, here's a sign that spring is just around the corner.

Spanish golfer Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño posted a photo to his Twitter page of his official invitation to The Masters.

In case you've never seen, or received, one of these invites, it looks pretty cool:

We imagine few sporting events mail invitations to participants these days, so it's neat to see that the Masters still follows through on tradition. It's great that Fernández-Castaño, who has participated in the tournament twice before, is still so excited to get the letter.

It's pretty funny that the invite requests an R.S.V.P. As if anyone invited to the tournament would somehow decide that they don't want to play Augusta.

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