Mike Trout really can do it all. The 21-year-old can run, throw, field, hit and fish.

The 2012 American League Rookie of the Year and MVP runner-up showed off his angling acumen while on vacation with his family in Key West, Fla., and it is only slightly less impressive than his baseball skills.

Trout's girlfriend, Jessica Tara Cox, tweeted a photo of Trout, his brothers and his father with a 550-pound goliath grouper they caught over the weekend (right). She wrote, "500 lb Goliath Grouper! I'd say it was a good day fishing!" After seeing this photo of the fish, we'd have to agree with that assessment.

The fish, which was more than five feet long, was actually too big for the Trouts to reel in to their boat.

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Wilma McNabb is proud of her son, Donovan, and she is not afraid to show it.

The mother of the former Eagles, Redskins and Vikings quarterback recently penned a tribute song to her son, and it is quite touching. In the song, titled "When Your Heart is on the Field," Wilma McNabb conveys the overwhelming joy she experiences from watching her son play.

Wilma McNabb wrote the lyrics while singer Tené Williams recorded the song. On the song's YouTube page, McNabb describes her motivation:

"This song has been ringing in my head for 13 years, while my son Donovan played as an NFL QB. As parents of an athlete you feel more than you see as you watch the game. Listen to the words, and I am sure you too will understand the emotions we get, when your heart is on the field."

Mama McNabb, the stage is all yours.

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