It took about two seconds for this dad's cool soccer trick to turn into a head injury.

With his son playing goalie, this man accidentally whipped a kick straight at the little guy's head.

You can tell he feels sorry for his son as he hands the boy off to his wife, but it also looks like he's trying to hide a smile. Easy for him to laugh it off, he's not the one who got smacked in the noggin on a close-range shot.

Maybe next time he should think twice before crushing a free kick with his kid 15 feet away.

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Katie Holmes -- not that one -- and Eric Johansson didn't stroll down the aisle, they ran.

The two had known each other before running the Portland Marathon five years ago, but after they bumped into each other near the 20-mile mark, they started dating. When they decided to get married, the two Portland natives figured there was no better place to tie the knot than the spot where it all began.

So last weekend, Holmes, 35, and Johansson, 37, veered off the marathon path at the 20-mile mark and into a group of friends and family. She wore white with a veil attached to a baseball cap while he wore a Dri-Fit Tuxedo shirt.

The couple celebrated for a few minutes after the ceremony before rejoining the runners and finishing the race.

"It's wonderful, the best day," Holmes told KPTV. "Very memorable. The most memorable marathon ever, I think."


Holmes and Johansson both finished the race with the same time -- 5:30:47.

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