Buster Posey has risen to the challenge of becoming a star for the San Francisco Giants, it's the twins that have him discombobulated.

We aren't talking about the Minnesota kind.

Posey is a first-time father of 7-month-old twins. The catcher, who helped lead San Francisco to their first World Series championship since 1954, has been working overtime this spring, adjusting to the requirements of fatherhood.

"The first four months or so I was trying to figure out what was so great about being a dad, but I am starting to really understand it now," Posey told the Tallahassee Democrat. "At first it was just sleep, change them, feed them. But now their personalities are really starting to come out. They are different, each with their own little quirks. It's safe to say Kristin (wife) has more work being at home with them than I do at the ballpark right now."

Lee Dempsey Posey and Addison Lynn Posey entered the world two minutes apart last August. Despite the added workload for Posey and his wife, the Giants catcher says it's been good.

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This time of year, everyone hopes for a miracle shot heard 'round the nation. In the critical moment, the best players rise to the occasion and find a way to get the ball in the basket.

That's why this kid is even more remarkable. He's obviously a quick learner, a true little man of action during the best time of the year for hoops heroics. His teammate (dad) launches a prayer from deep, and dad's trusty teammate is there for the put-back.

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Spring training statistics don't count, but what about wedding proposals?

The most memorable moment of the 2012 Spring Training season took place between the Nationals and Braves, as legend Dale Murphy's son tossed out the ceremonial first pitch and picked up a fiance in the process. Jake Murphy tossed a strike to his proud pop and then surprised girlfriend Adrianne Ingersoll by getting down on one knee at home plate and asking for her hand in marriage.

She said yes!

Braves president John Schuerholz was behind the romantic plan, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Schuerholz, along with former manager Bobby Cox, heard Murphy's son was coming to Braves camp in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. with plans to pop the question to his girlfriend on the family trip.

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When you think of LMFAO, you think of DJs, rappers, club-goers, and party rockers.

But you really should be thinking of 6-year-old Canucks fans.

One in particular: Jack Millos.

The adorable Vancouver supporter stole the spotlight a few nights ago by busting some rather impressive moves to LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It."

Watch his intense concentration, coupled with rhythm that rivals anything from this year's Super Bowl halftime show ...

Jack's older sister is responsible for teaching him how to dance, though she says the talent comes pretty naturally. As for the song choice, Millos' parents aren't too worried that the lyrics, "Look at that body" are going to corrupt their son. After all, his school allowed him to dance to the same tune in the talent show.

Perhaps LMFAO will invite Millos to dance in a new music video for the G-rated version of the song, "I'm Elmo and I Know It."

No matter what the song, one thing is for certain. No one is challenging Millos to a game of Dance Dance Revolution anytime soon.

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The Grammy-winning musician and the aspiring teenage basketball star traveled along a mystical stretch of Highway 50 six years ago, meandering through tiny Nevada towns separated by miles and miles of scenic nothingness.

Bruce Hornsby had been directed to The Loneliest Road in America by basketball wanderer Phil Jackson, a kindred spirit who found inspiration in the heart of the Pony Express Territory, where life and spirituality tend to collide.

The trek would be an ideal setting for Hornsby, a basketball junkie, to bond with a teenage son frustrated by an injury that had taken him away from the game he, like his father, loved so much.

Basketball has always provided Bruce and Keith Hornsby with a common ground. But here, along an unencumbered road oft traveled by eclectic soul-searchers, the ties between father and son would only become tighter.


More recently, March Madness connected Bruce and Keith Hornsby. Each spring, father and son penciled picks into brackets for nothing more than family bragging rights and a friendly bet than never amounted to anything more than a meager $5 reward.

Bruce made selections with his heart, pushing Cinderella entries like East Tennessee State or an unheralded 16 seed farther into March than any straight-thinking prognosticator had any business doing.

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Eyebrows only a mother could love -- and does she ever.

Anthony Davis has helped lead Kentucky to a No. 1 seed in this week's NCAA Tournament, and he's also created some buzz over his brows. The 6-10 freshman forward has been rocking a massive unibrow all season long.

Wildcats haters have unloaded on Davis for his decision to avoid shaving a space in between the middle of his bushy eyebrow. But Davis just smiles and swats away the weak shots (on and off the court).

And his mom is joining in on the fun.

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Every kid who loves hockey dreams of having the perfect rink in his backyard. For Ben Fraser, that dream became a reality when his dad, Scott, bought a used Zamboni to create perfect ice on the pond in the family back yard.

Ben said he didn't believe it when his dad brought it up. It was true, and now -- voila, the Fraser house is now the coolest house for miles in Nova Scotia, and the rink is in perfect playing condition in 20-25 minutes every time the elder Fraser gets to work.

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Pranks among friends typically evolve to their peak powers from adolescence to the early twenties. Many a college dorm has been littered with the soggy remains of water buckets stationed atop open doors. But some people never grow out of it. And if those people are your parents, watch out.

Like any good group of scholars, we're well versed in the art of a good saran wrap-based prank. But these parents execute to a level of simple perfection, and luckily damage their child's ego for eternity.

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Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have been reborn -- sort of.

The Spurs stars were given a very special tribute last week. A San Antonio couple who met while working in a restaurant at the AT&T Center have named their identical twins Duncan and Parker.

John Paul and Crystal Dennison spoke with KENS-TV about the decision to honor the Alamo City's hoop legends.

"We know that the Lord brought us together, but he used the Spurs to do it," John Paul said. "It kind of started off as a joke. We said it at lunch one day and everybody laughed.

"And then we got to thinking that we really actually liked the names a whole lot. They’re really cool names."

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