Almost 22 years before, Steve DeOssie stood in nearly the exact same spot inside Candlestick Park. Now his son, Zak, found himself there.

And the stakes were every bit as high.

Steve couldn't bring himself to watch the television feet in front of him 10 days ago -- couldn't watch his boy do this.

He had shouldered the exact same burden in 1990, knowing that if his job wasn’t done perfectly on a winter night in San Francisco, the season would end and the New York Giants' Super Bowl hopes would go unfulfilled.

Now, a generation later, Steve was 3,000 miles from where his son, Zak, held the ball in his hands.

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It took hard work, determination, focus, and some luck for the New York Giants to reach Super Bowl XLVI. It certainly did not have to do with their names. But some of them are pretty interesting.

Rocky Bernard

Robert Eugene Bernard, Jr. With Bernard and his father having the same first name, the defensive tackle's family felt obligated to nickname the son and avoid confusion between the two. "My parents were trying to think of a nickname for me and I was just kind of one of those wild, crazy kids," he said. “It was when the Rocky movies came out, so it just kind of stuck. I've been called it since I was 3 or 4 years old." Bernard may not fight in Philadelphia-area rings, but he has been a rock on the Giants defensive line, playing in 45 games in three seasons.

Prince Amukamara

Unlike Bernard, Amukamara's first name is on his birth certificate. This is because his name has cultural and historic meaning. "My dad's a chief in Nigeria and for that, the first son always gets the name Prince, so that's how I got it," Amukamara said. Amukamara's father, Romanus, is the current chief of Awo-Omamma in the Imo State of Nigeria. The cornerback is the heir to Romanus's title. The names of Amukamara's five sisters: Princess, Promise, Peace, Precious and Passionate. A less eccentric but equally respectable Amukamara family fact: Prince's mom, Christy, competed for Nigeria's track and field team at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Bear Pascoe

McKenna Pascoe. Yogi was smarter than the average bear. Bear Pascoe was just bigger than everyone else. "Bear's just a nickname I was given when I was younger by my parents," he said. "I was kind of bigger than everybody else when I was a little kid. That's something they gave me that has stuck throughout the years." Today the tight end/fullback is 6-5 and 283 pounds. Pascoe also is skilled in team roping, which he learned as a child on his parents' Porterville, Calif., home. The sport involves lassoing cattle, but not bears.

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Jackie Slater made seven Pro Bowls and three All-Pro first teams, and was the first to play 20 seasons with one franchise (Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams). His No. 78 jersey is retired in St. Louis, and he has a plaque in Canton.

There is one thing he does not have: A ring.

His son, Patriots wide receiver, safety and special teamer, Matthew, has a chance to get family redemption Sunday when New England faces the Giants in the Super Bowl.

"He's told me not to take this time for granted," Matthew said Tuesday. "For him to play 20 years and never win one, I know it's kind of a sting to him because he was the ultimate team player."

Jackie made it the big time once. In 1979, Slater's Rams won road playoff games at Dallas and Tampa to reach Super Bowl XIV in Pasadena. Playing virtually in their home city against the Steelers, the Rams took a 19-17 lead into the fourth quarter. But Terry Bradshaw and friends turned the tide in the final minutes for 31-19 Pittsburgh victory.

Full Story >> is a college football and men's basketball website. With national signing day on Feb. 1, they look ahead to one of the top QBs in the 2013 class: Tyrone Swoopes.

For Texas high school quarterback phenom Tyrone Swoopes, it's all about comparisons.

He's related to former WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes; he plays like star-studded quarterbacks Vince Young and Cam Newton.

But Swoopes is relevant for more than comparisons. The native of Whitewright, Texas, (an hour north of Dallas), might be setting the bar for others soon as one of the two top quarterback prospects for the Class of 2013, according to

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound QB is a man amongst boys for Whitewright, which competes in the state's 2A division.

Last fall, Swoopes ran for 2,336 yards and 29 touchdowns on 181 carries (that's 12.9 yards per carry) and another 1,342 yards and 15 touchdowns through the air.

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Some have Willie Cauley as the next great hoops hero at Kentucky. Some have him as the next Tyson Chandler.

Kansas City Chiefs legend Will Shields has Cauley go to his room.

Late last year, the 6-11, 230-pounder from Olathe Northwest (Kan.) High wanted to stay out late after a football game. Though Cauley arrived home before his 12:30 a.m. curfew, he did not text Shields or his wife to check in and give his whereabouts.

So Cauley (far left in photo) had to answer to his legal guardian, a 6-3, 315-pound former offensive guard who went to 12 Pro Bowls and is now a first-ballot finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame.

And more frightening still, Cauley had to answer to Will Shields' wife.

"He didn't really even get mad," Cauley says. "It was Senia (Will's wife). She was real mad."

The Shields grounded the prep star and took away his driving privileges. Welcome to tough love -- Shields style.

"Most of the time, it's the boss lady running the roost," Will Shields says. "I get the backup and to sort of be the hammer behind it."

But Senia, Will and their three children also represent the structured support group which has helped Cauley, 18, develop from a raw big man to a conscientious student who will play basketball -- and get a shot at a degree -- at Kentucky next year.

So is this similar to another lineman's tale -- the famous book-turned-movie about Michael Oher?

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Hockey coaches emphasize not letting agitators goad you into taking a retaliation penalty. Watch Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa keep his cool despite this relentless assault of cuteness.

Bieksa's daughter had help in clowning her dad at the Canucks' annual SuperSkills competition. Ryan Kesler, Dan Hamhuis and Sami Salo also brought their kids to the event, and they joined in giving Bieksa the business. From left to right, they were Peppi Salo, Oliver Salo, Anna Hamhuis, Reese Bieksa and Makayla Kesler.

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There are many ways to get ready for a game: Music, meditation, dancing, or just plain banging your head against a locker.

Dave Tollefson dials momma.

Before every game, the Giants' defensive end heads to a secluded area of the locker room to call his mother. But this isn't your normal don't-get-hurt speech. Tollefson's mom gives him a loud, bombastic, fire-and-brimstone pep talk, reported the New York Times.

With his father not in the picture, Tollefson grew up enjoying a special bond with his mother, who encouraged him to play football even though the family didn't have a lot of money. He credits his mom's sacrifices, along with her pep talks, in helping him find success in the NFL.

"I wouldn't be where I'm at if it wasn't for her," Tollefson told the Times. "I'm a momma's boy."

Tollefson has Giants equipment manager Ed Wagner scout out a quiet part of every locker room. Tollefson first calls his wife, Megan, before mom delivers her Al Pacino-like speech.

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Oh what a difference a few months can make for a celebrity couple.

NFL star Jay Cutler has gone from calling off his wedding a few months ago to expecting a special delivery from the stork.

The Chicago Bears quarterback and his off-again, on-again fiancee, Kristin Cavallari, are preparing to welcome a baby into the world.

"She is really happy. She is in the early stages, but she can't wait to be a mom," a source told Us Weekly.

The famous couple confirmed to People magazine they are "thrilled" to announce Cavallari is pregnant.

Just last summer, Cutler and Cavallari abruptly ended their engagement of three months and sent back their wedding gifts. They ended up getting back together in November.

Cavallari, 25, a reality television personality most famous for her work on The Hills, competed on Dancing with the Stars last year. She has purchased a home in Tennessee with Cutler, who attended Vanderbilt in Nashville. The pair plans to start a family in the Volunteer State, according to the tabloid magazine.

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Does anyone really outgrow claw machines? It seems like the wrong word. Perhaps the more accurate assessment is that we all get tired of them stealing our spare change in the name of largely innocuous prizes. It's the thrill of victory in an unfair game that always got you fired up, and once you failed enough to determine you'd never have a fair shot, it was curtains for your sideshow distraction.

Your prize-picking past may be years behind you, but what if you had been a freaking wizard with that joystick and claw? Matt Magnone has dedicated his young adult life to a plethora of games, but at the top of his game obsession list is the claw machine. How good is he? Just watch below has he collects a staggering 33 stuffed animals in 20 minutes, with $23 (jump ahead to the 3 min mark to dive into the streak as it unfolds). Magnone claims this number is a record for what's been caught on video, and we have trouble challenging that claim, since the video market isn't exactly flooded with claw record attempts.

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One of the pleasures of being an older brother is the taunting. The practical joking. The sheer mercilessness that comes from knowing your poor little brother can't ever get revenge.

Which makes it especially sweet when Big Brother gets burned. And that's what happened to Dan Davis of Indianapolis, Ind. when he came up with a plot to frustrate his little brother, Jack.

Dan dropped $125 of his own money on the bedroom carpet and told Jack he would toss it all up into the air. Whatever Jack could catch, he could keep.

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