Stephen Colbert has an axe to grind with Stephen Curry. Though they pronounce their first names in different ways, their identical spellings makes them rivals when it comes to Google search rankings.

So when Colbert types his own first name into Google, the first result is not him: It's the reigning NBA MVP.

Colbert brought Curry onto The Late Show on Monday night to air his complaints, and then suggested they settle the matter in the only way that made sense: By shooting balled-up socks into a laundry hamper.

Curry eagerly took on Colbert, and while you'd think that the NBA star would have an advantage -- even when basketballs are replaced with socks -- the competition is much closer than one would think.

Curry took an early lead but then stalled out, missing a string of shots. Colbert managed to connect with a few seconds left to tie the score at a close-but-impressive one point each.

That sent the pair to sudden death, where Colbert calmly drilled a basket -- and Curry matched him.

They called it a tie after that, and while we understand the need for commercial breaks, it would have been nice to play this thing out to its rightful conclusion.

After all, Google doesn't call ties.

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