Yoshi Koge knows one does not become a great American Ninja Warrior overnight, and the 3-year-old, who is obsessed with the show, is ready to start training now.

His dad, Ken, took an hour to build Yoshi his own American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

That is one way to get ahead of the competition.

"His interest has grown over time to the point of running over and around toys in the living room during the commercials," Ken told BuzzFeed.

"One afternoon, Yoshi and I were in the garage and I just started pulling random items out of the garage to make a little course for him to see how he would like it. Needless to say, he loved it!"

Yoshi, who looks like he already signed with Nike, did stumble multiple times, and on the real show, he probably would have ended up in water. Luckily, he has approximately two decades to build his core strength.

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