Riley Curry did not think her run could last forever, did she?

There is a new Bay Area toddler ready for the big time. Torrey Jeremiah Smith (T.J.) is pulling stunts from his living room.

His father, 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith, has posted a series of videos this summer showing off T.J.'s dance moves.

First, T.J., 1, absolutely lost it to Silentó's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)."

When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on

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This is really everyday though....he about whipped his arm out of socket...on beat and everything haha

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Then he turned up for Diddy's "Finna Get Loose."

Late Monday night, T.J. returned to the spotlight with a diaper dance to the viral tune, "Hit the Quan." He wore a "Little Rock Star" shirt, which is just Torrey and wife Chanel's way of toying with us suckers for falling for their son's dance moves.

TJ is back at it

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To Riley Curry's defense, she does have her own Nae Nae video, which is objectively better than T.J. Smith's attempt. (She is two years older.) Riley is still the Queen Bee of Bay Area (and American) kids and no one can dispute that. But she has her first legitimate challenger.

T.J. Smith comes from a family of social media geniuses. His parents announced their engagement, with pictures at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore when Smith was a Raven. (He signed with San Francisco in March.) They revealed Chanel's pregnancy using tomato sauce.

Can't believe she got me to take this pic...but it's a blessing so I'm with it

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It's football season, and T.J. Smith is excited. Are you?

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