ESPN released a "This Is SportsCenter" commercial Monday with Rob Gronkowski, which can only mean comedic gold..

In the ad, Gronk shows off his new Super Bowl ring to SportsCenter anchors Stan Verrett, Neil Everett and Kenny Mayne. He says very Gronk lines such as, "I don't think I want it any bigger, though." The anchors act in awe as if Gronk had just been proposed to.

Behind Gronk's back, the guys talk about how "tacky" the ring is and ponder whether it is even real.

However, the true star of the commercial is not Gronk or an anchor. In fact, the star does not even have a line. Gordon Gronkowski, Rob's dad, sits silently at a cubicle closest to Verrett.

If Family Feud taught us anything, it is that the only thing better than one Gronkowski is multiple Gronkowskis.

Gronkowski may need to get serious soon. The sixth-year tight end is set to play his first game ever without Tom Brady, subject to Deflategate court proceedings, when the Patriots host the Steelers on Sept. 10.

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