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It's boom times for the Kansas City Royals -- and baby boom times for their fans. Nine months after the team's run from the wild card to the World Series, its fan base seems to be churning out babies at a record-setting rate.

According to the Kansas City Star, evidence of a 'Royal Baby Boom' isn't just anecdotal -- Shawnee Mission Birth Center set a record in July with 473 births, breaking the old record of 456.

"We were wondering if we were seeing a little bit of a boom from all the Royals babies," says Eva Shay, the hospital's labor and delivery manager, according to the Star.

Plenty of parents have come forward with their own version of the common story. Some had been trying to get pregnant, while others were pleasantly surprised. A few even credit the team's miracle run for inspiring little miracles among its fans.

For some, the timing is an exciting connection to the team itself. One child featured in the Star was named after the Royals' Kauffman Stadium. Another was named after reliever Brandon Finnegan, who was traded by the team shortly before the deadline.

Finnegan had a memorable appearance on the mound just days before the couple conceived.

Their newborn, named Finnegan, will forever connect that child with the team. And a similar connection has been forged with apparently hundreds, possibly thousands of children born to Royals fans enter the world with a legacy already in place.

"I want this kid to have good, winning baseball," said one parent of their newborn daughter. "She will always and forever be a postseason baby."

Before last season, the Royals hadn't reached the playoffs since 1985 when they beat St. Louis in the World Series.

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