Buster Posey is known for his poise on the field. The three-time World Series champion and former NL MVP says he developed this trait from his father, who coached Posey and his three siblings.

"The story I always go back to is when I was probably 7 or 8-year-old and I was pitching and giving up some hits," Posey says. "A lot of 7 or 8-year-olds would have shown some emotion, pouting or what not. I remember my dad coming out and telling me not to let the other team know whether you're dominating or not having success. Just try to keep an even keel demeanor out there."

Posey's father, Gerald Dempsey Posey II, played basketball competitively in college, but his kids found their success with bats and gloves. Buster's brothers played college baseball, Jack at Florida State and Jess at Georgia, while sister Samantha was a Valdosta State softball player.

"I think the main thing that he was able to relay to me and my siblings was about how to be a competitor," Posey says. "He was always a competitor with us in the backyard or whatever it was, basketball or baseball and I think it's a good thing."

Another lesson from his father was that only the winners should get trophies.

"I think sometimes we focus too much on everybody getting an award for just showing up," says Posey, who won the N.L. batting title in 2012 with a .336 average. "I think that's something I was appreciative of what my dad did. He was never that dad that was just going to let us win to win."

Derek Jeter's dad, Charles, had the same parentlng approach as he has been vocal about never letting his son win. Like Jeter, Posey earned multiple World Series championship early his career.

Gerald Dempsey Posey II also passed along his nickname of Buster.

"That's what I believe his grandmother called him," Buster says. "It was just his grandmother. No one else."

But when Gerald Dempsey Posey III came into the world, he was Buster to everyone.

"He's called me that since birth," the Giants catcher and new Topps spokesperson says. "I have the same legal name as him and as my grandfather. They decided to go with Buster."

And now the name Buster is synonymous with winning as the Giants have won those three titles in five years. That might inspire some parents in the Bay Area to choose Buster as a name for their boy.

"I've heard about a lot of dogs named Buster, but no kids," Posey says with a laugh.

Perhaps the Busters will come.

Posey and his wife, Kristen, have a son, but his name isn't Gerald Dempsey Posey IV or Buster. Lee was born Aug. 15, 2011, along with twin sister Addison.

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